A Closer Look at Rap Star “Millenigod”

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Eric Lantz, better known by his stage name Millenigod, is a music artist and American influencer who was born on April 2nd, 1992 in New York, USA. Millenigod is a self-made influencer who wants to unite all creative people under one platform called “We All Here.” We All Here is a brand created by none other than your favorite artist himself to allow individuals to unite and share their creativity, ideas, and innovativeness with other people to make a considerable difference in society. According to the musician, the diversity, distinctiveness, and creation of concepts, similar to Wu-Tang, are what distinguish his brand. Nipsey Hussle, an American rapper, entrepreneur, and activist, is a major inspiration for the artist.

Millenigod also aspires to be like his favorite artist one day, which is why, despite being a singer, he founded his firm (We All Here) to promote innovation and prosperity to his nation. The musician considers himself lucky to be able to go on tour and share the stage with Bone Thugs and Harmony, as well as play a duet with MGK, and sell-out concerts in a matter of days. The artist is excited to release his new EP “Being Favored Isn’t Fair” towards the end of 2021, which contains visuals for all seven tracks. There will also be some partnerships and in mid-December, the We All Here podcast will debut.
On all platforms, you may discover more about the artist @millenigod_ez

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