Making Money Online, is it possible? an interview with Dep Hart

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There are a lot of people who claim they can make you rich. You see their ads popping up everywhere. Time to find out!

We see a lot of people pass by, but not all of them. Dep Hart is one example and that’s why we would like to talk to him about making money online. After all, can this be as easy as everyone else claims? We asked Dep Hart a few questions:

  1. Can you make money online? Yes, it is definitely possible.
  2. Are all courses and ads a scam?

No, definitely not. You have many good courses and coaches among them. Of course, there are also some bad ones. Always look carefully at how they behave. If they show too much or have too big a mouth and promise you too much, it is often fake.

3. You don’t have a course, why not?

I don’t. Who knows, maybe one day it will come. For now I’m just too busy with my own businesses.

4. What do you actually do?

I have several online brands and other companies focused on social media. I also have my personal brand.

Dep Hart also tells us that there are even more ways to make money online:

‘You can do social media marketing, go trade on the stock market, Crypto, create and sell webshops, branding, dropshipping. There are lots of opportunities everywhere.’

What strikes us during this interview is that Dep Hart knows exactly what he is talking about. He also remains down to earth. We asked him if he has ever been different:

‘Especially in the beginning during your first success. Then you go crazy haha.’

And what do you mean by going crazy?

‘I flew to Barcelona with the whole team and rented a penthouse there for a week. I paid for everything. This ran up quite a bit of money.’

Okay, and what should we be thinking about?

‘Haha, I’ve said that before in an interview. I think it was around 60-80 thousand euros.’

Dep Hart, whose real name is Patrick de Hart, says that he now mainly invests his money and doesn’t spend it ‘stupidly’ anymore.

Our conclusion: it is definitely possible to make money online. There are many options open, so mainly look at what you like.

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