Author J.M. Pozon Debuts New Poetry Book “Passion Fruit.”

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We are back with Author. J. M. Pozon, discussing her erotic poetry book. “Passion Fruit” And, we are getting and up close & personal, talking everything, from love to sex and relationships. So, be sure to check out interview below.

Passion fruit is so different from your other books. And, yet readers are ecstatic about its debut and for good reason. I’ve read a couple poems, and whoo chille. lol

Now, in writing erotica, do you think people perceive you in a certain way.

Absolutely. People tend to equate being sexually comfortable with being promiscuous, but nothing could be further from the truth. Granted, I believe there’s real power in standing in your sexuality. Still some may consider me a little risqué, as I tend to walk the line. But I am also a woman, deeply tied to her core values. So, the irony is, I am particularly old fashion. Add that to the fact I am so specific in terms of what I want, and even more selective about who I give myself to; it can be exceedingly rare to find. Which in turns, equates to a lot of dry spells.

So, your not seeing anyone at all? Nope, I am single. And, not looking.
Why? Focused on my career and family. And, just working on being the best possible version of myself.

Okay if you were looking, what would you be looking for?

I tend to like alpha males. A man who is strong, assertive but KIND!!! Overall, I want a man who is ambitious, intelligent, God fearing, family oriented, Health conscious, spiritually in tuned and passionate.

Whoa, that is a list. Well, I feel like I can ask for those things because I embody every last one of those characteristics.

Alpha males? Interesting. Yes I am strong, assertive, especially when it comes to work. But I don’t always want to be; strong is heavy. While I am a shark in business, in my personal life I yearn to be soft and vulnerable.

And, you’ve yet to find that? Nah. Many men admire the frame but lack the mental and spiritual depth and aptitude to understand the portrait. And, I want someone who sees me, in my entirety. Yes, I am a complex woman. So, naturally it’s easy for someone to see one aspect of who I am and mistake it for the whole.

Complex in what way? I am fierce, bold, yet shy and timid. Soft but not weak. People often mistake the two. I will say this, if you are fortunate enough, to see my more vulnerable side and mishandle it… Chances are you’ll never get that side of me again.

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