Berlin Author Publishes New Book

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For the past two years, Berlin-based children’s author Gabriela Charatsari has made a name for herself in the international book market. Her eleventh book, Adrian and the Washing Machine, is set in Berlin, Germany. The author was inspired to write her story by a boy called Adrian. Ms Charatsari, who is a mother herself, says that Adrian, who already speaks three languages at his young age, was a great inspiration for her new fantasy book.

“Adrian really exists, here in Berlin,” says the author. “He is six years old and when I met him for the first time I was amazed when his mother told me her son could already repair old objects, toys and has an insane knack for technology. Adrian told me that he had ten washing machines (toys) with which he could teleport with. Teleporting is not something the real Adrian can do with his washing machines, of course, but why wouldn’t he not be able to do it in a book?”

The 42-year-old author says her book would not only teach children two valuable lessons: 1. You should always be kind without expecting something in return. 2. Family is the most valuable thing we have but at the same time taking them on Adrian’s great adventures around Berlin, Germany.

“The book is set in Berlin, of course, because the real Adrian lives here, and so do I with my family. Berlin is an insanely fascinating city full of tolerance and openness. It is no wonder that Berlin is Europe’s best city for families. In the book, Adrian discovers great corners of Berlin, including the Brandenburg Gate.”

The author says she hopes Adrian and the Washing Machine will capture the imagination of young readers aged five to 10 years old.

Mrs. Charatsari has recently won a golden award from Literary Titan for her latest book “Buzz the Brave.”

Both books are available on Amazon, Walmart, Barnes Noble, Powell’s and Waterstones.

Adrian and the Washing Machine

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