Books Becoming Tv Series Or Movies We Cannot Wait To See

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Some of the most talked-about TV series of the past few years are all based on novels and other published works. So what will the next hit be? We’ve rounded up a list of books, comic books, and graphic novels currently in development as TV or streaming series that have the potential to become the next big Certified Fresh thing.

We’ll update our list as new information becomes available with new titles added, projects that have been canceled, release dates announced, and stars that have been attached. As with all good reading material, make sure to bookmark it. 

Did yourfavoritebookthatisbecoming a TVseries not make ourlist?Isthereabook you’dlike toseemade intoashow?Tellusabout itin thecomments! 


Network: Amazon Prime Video

Based On:Characters from author James Patterson’s books.

The Fanbase:Fans of Patterson’s novels and their adaptations, as well as works by similar authors like Jeffery Deaver (The BoneCollector).

WhatWe KnowSo Far:Variety broke the news in 2020 that Amazon Prime Video was developing the series.

ChancesIt Will Be a CertifiedFreshHit:Morgan Freeman has starred as Alex Cross in two film adaptations — KissTheGirls and Along Camea Spider— of Patterson’s works, and Tyler Perry played him in one Alex Cross. All are very much notCertified Fresh. TV adaptations of Patterson’s work have fared somewhat better.


Network: TBD

Based On:Kennedy Ryan’s book series.

The Fanbase:The three-book series, which includes the best-seller QueenMove, follows best friends who dedicate their lives to electing leaders who support their visions. Topics

like Native rights, missing and murdered indigenous women, climate change, pay equity, and voter suppression make the book series incredibly relevant right now. 

WhatWe KnowSo Far:The Traveling Picture Show Company is producing the limited series. More details are forthcoming.

ChancesIt Will Be a CertifiedFreshHit:It’s a topical piece and with the right backing (say, a plug from Stacey Abrams or Michelle Obama), it could win in a landslide.


Network: BET+

Release Date:Summer 2021

Based On:Christian Keye’s 2014 romance novel, LadiesNight.

The Fanbase:It’s a sexy romance thriller that deals with a double-crossed madam (Marilyn Deville) within the male stripper universe and is produced by Tyler Perry Studios. So there are fanbases. Plural.

EverythingWeKnowSoFar:Keyes created the series and also appears as hitman The Concierge. Other cast members in the 10-episode drama include Skyh Alvester Black as a dancer with a hidden past and Candace Maxwell as the house’s DJ who aspires for more . ChancesIt Will Be a CertifiedFreshHit:The show might not bring about as many serious issues as Starz’s stripper series P-Valley ,but there’s always an audience ready to make it rain for scantily clad men. 


Network: Netflix

Based On:Callista Bowright 2020 novel.

The Fanbase:People who love well-acted and dramas about love and woman empowerment.

WhatWe KnowSo Far:Olivia comes from a simple Lancashire background, where her terrible, traumatic childhood leads on to further drama, pain, and tragedy, which mould her into a tough, beautiful fighter. Sophie is raised in wealth and comfort; she has education, talent, and intellect but no confidence. She struggles, in her hippy way, through similar life experiences – and appalling losses – with nervous bravery. Both are sensual, raunchy, strong, and loving women, who defy society’s hypocrisy. Then, one September day, their worlds collide. They could be bitter rivals, but they are intelligent women, who combine their strengths to face, and to cope with the past and the present trauma. Although total opposites in many ways, they develop a strong bond and prove that former horrors, abuse, and wounds can be healed and used to develop formidable strength; that women are tough, intelligent, and capable; and that their lives must be lived true to their needs and beliefs. They live through searing reality, but their hopeful, humorous fight back makes them unforgettable. A gritty, no holds barred, emotional and good humored journey through two very real lives.

ChancesIt Will Be a CertifiedFreshHit:Pretty good. Knowing the storyline and plot, this will be a one hit movie for 2022.


Network: Netflix

Based On:Indian author Anand Neelakantan’s trilogy.

The Fanbase:Fans of Neelakantan’s novels, but also those who enjoy shows about strong female heroines. And maybe also fans of The Crown, Netflix’s hit series about the ascention and reign of a female monarch. 

WhatWe KnowSo Far:Meant to run six seasons (two seasons per title), the story follows Sivagami, a character who rises from a defiant girl to a not-to-be-messed-with queen. Set in Mahishmati, the story coincides with a time when that ancient Indian kingdom becomes powerful. Indian actress Mrunal Thakur stars.

ChancesIt Will Be a CertifiedFreshHit:Netflix’s original Indian programming

like Sacred Games and Leila have gotten fairly strong reviews. There’s a chance for this to do better if it finds an international audience.


Network: AMC 

Based On:Victor LaValle’s 2016 horror novella based on H.P. Lovecraft’s short story, “The Horror at Red Hook.”

The Fanbase:Those who enjoyed Amazon’s Them, HBO’s Lovecraft Country,and

WGN’s Underground.

WhatWe KnowSo Far:This is a retelling of a story by noted racist H.P. Lovecraft from the point-of-view of a young Black man from Harlem. AMC announced in 2017 that it was developing the project and then things went quiet, but in February 2021, the cable channel announced that it was partnering with sister channel Shudder on a yet-to-be-titled horror anthology series that would focus on “stories of Black horror from Black directors and screenwriters” — LaValle being one of them. Perhaps his BlackTomadaptation will be part of this?

ChancesIt Will Be aCertifiedFresh Hit:Pretty good if it secures the pedigree of those shows that appeal to the same fanbase — or juggernauts like HBO’s Watchmen or

FX’s American Horror Story.

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