Eduard Soponar – Hitting Targets Other People Can’t See

Eduard Soponar of Calgary is a natural-born serial entrepreneur. Monica Model Management, Strawberry Agency, UNKNOWN Entertainment, and Prime Time Bath are the four reputable organizations he founded with love and determination. Soponar is dedicated to creating value, which he considers to be the foundation of a marketable firm in the twenty-first century.

His business concept is predicated on his ability to think outside of the box. With each business he’s developed his initiative and perseverance partnered with his skill and experiences has helped propel them forward. UNKNOWN Entertainment held Canada’s Biggest Fashion and Music Festival, and Monica Modeling Management was named the finest modeling agency in Calgary in 2020.

Soponar’s renowned Strawberry Agency was formed to put his experience and skills to work helping people grow their brands from the ground up to the point of excellence. His main goal is to turn these brands’ stories, services, and goods into something that is both marketable and visually attractive. As a result, one of his main passions is assisting brands in their growth.

Eduard Soponar CEO & Founder. Photo by Dayana K Duven. Location: Calgary Petroleum Club

Similarly, Prime Time Bath is a place where new ideas are born. Soponar is bringing the greatest eco-friendly shower head to market, one that heals and smooths the skin while also saving money on water costs each month. They designed their unique shower head, which is transforming the bath industry, by incorporating some of the most cutting-edge technologies.

This entrepreneur has a winning track record in a wide range of enterprises and is driven to succeed in each one. As Soponar points out, “Nothing great comes easy and we all know there will be a lot of obstacles but if you never give up, you will eventually get what you want.”

Eduard Soponar CEO & Founder. Photo by Dayana K Duven. Location: Calgary Petroleum Club

About Eduard Soponar: Eduard Soponar moved to Canada from Romania 12 years ago. His multiple ventures are propelled by his entrepreneurial zeal, which is bolstered by his mother’s support. He’s a natural entrepreneur, having founded Prime Time Bath, Strawberry Agency, Monica Model Management, and The Connecter, among others.

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