CiPCoin is a concurrency

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CiPCoin is a concurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator. that can be sent from a user to another user on the peer to peer network without the need for intermediaries. All of users have a public note book. All CiPCoin informate have been saved, All of them are called blockchain. CiPCoin like other cryptocurrencies was invented by an anonymous person or group. CiPCoin has been created to ease the flow of money. CiPCoin can be used to purchase other currencies, product and services. For its usage in deal and low cost of transmission has been noted. CiPCoin operates out of the geographical limitation and politics boundaries.

Why CIP Coin?

Easy payment via mobile phone

Thanks to the existence of CiPcoin, you can pay with your mobile phone simply. 

The shopping process is very easy and includes scanning and payment. The payment can be done via CiPcoin wallet 

and does not need registration or complex steps. You should only use the card and enter your PIN. Moreover, 

if you want someone to deposit money into your CiPcoin wallet, show the QR code of your CiPcoin wallet application.

 By scanning this code, or putting two phones together and using NFC technology, the connection between the two CiPcoin wallets will be established.

How secure is CiPcoin?

The CiPcoin transactions are highly secure because advanced and sophisticated military cryptography is used to protect and control them.

 CiPcoin is particularly protected against fraud. As a result, no one will be able to pay or even receive money from your CiPcoin wallet except yourself.

Can be used in any situations.

There is no limit to the use of CiPcoin wallets and payments. You and the person you are trading with can use different servers and software. 

All CiPcoin services are compatible and use the same technology. You can also use CiPcoin services at any time, even on holidays.

Possibility of international transactions

International payments through CiPcoin are easy and fast. Since there is no bank as an intermediary in CiPcoin payments, information processing is done quickly.

 No extra fees will be paid to the bank and no money transfer operations will be frozen. The way CiPcoin is paid domestically or internationally is the same.

 And CiPcoin transfers between Canada and Africa will take no more than 10 minutes.

Minimum commission

CiPcoin payments and receipts are usually free of charge. However, in the situation of a very small payment, you will have to pay a small charge. However,

 it is recommended that you pay a fee in your transactions as commission, because this will get your transaction approval faster. 

On the other hand, in response to CiPcoin network staffing services, you will pay them a wage.

Privacy protection

The security of CiPcoin transactions is very high and its transactions do not use a credit card number. That’s why hackers can’t impersonate and cannot use the

 information of others. Although CiPcoin transactions are paid without identifying individuals, it is better to take security measures to protect your privacy.

Secure payment

International business owners who use PayPal or credit cards, are well aware of payment problems, such as returning funds. This problem will lead to fraud, price

 increases and fines for customers. But CiPcoin payments are irreversible in addition to their very high security and there are no fines and fraud charges in these


No need for PCI Standard

Conventional credit cards require a large number of security controls which shows their compliance with PCI standards for online acceptance. 

Though CiPcoin requires wallet owners to keeping wallets and payments safe, it removes the cost and responsibility of customer card numbers and

 sensitive information.

Free presenting

If you are looking for an opportunity to present your business, target customers in the CiPcoin markets. By registering your business in online guidebooks,

 attract customers who are eager to spend their CiPcoin on your business. Try to find new payment methods for your business. Also by putting the CiPcoin logo

on your site pages or on your office building, let customers know that they can pay with CiPcoin.

Being multi-signature

CiPcoin allows its customers to have multi-signature accounts. This means that payments will only be made if a specific group of people approves a transaction.

 This feature solves the problems of corporate boards in terms of others’ abuse of the company’s accounts.

Easy and transparent accounting

CiPcoin provides accountants with information that can be used to verify balances and transactions. As a result, it enables organizations and companies to provide 

clear and transparent accounting documentation of their accounts. Non-profit organizations can also make a report of their donations received.

CiPCoin (CIP) is a decentralized digital currency, CiPCoin (CIP) is a decentralized and open source blockchain.
CiPCoin (CIP), A digital currency designed to work as an intermediary that uses cryptography to control its creation and management

CiPCoin (CIP) is the native cryptocurrency of the operating system.   It officially started operating on November 11, 2019 

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