Creating Stunning Images Through The Lens Eunicet Pamela Work Speak For Itself

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In this article we are going to talk about the film Cain Rose Up, a Stephen King’s adaptation by Amy Nigro and photographed by Eunicet Pamela. A little bit of backstory, this project started back in 2019, when they had the idea to make this film, and after more than six month they prepared this project that was later green lit at the beginning of 2020. The production stage ended by the end of February 2020 and started portproduction right away but then the Pandemic started and slowed down the process but definitely didn’t stop it. Finally at the beginning of 2021 the film was ready to see the light and since then it has been gaining recognition in their festival circuit with only a few weeks on the go.

After watching the film, it was definitely shocking at the beginning, a physiological thriller is very hard to achieve andthe film does it pretty good. A character study film that dives into the main character Curt and his relationship with his father. We see through the film the toughness of Curt become his reality and make us think if we are one the same as his. For this Eunicet Pamela chooses us more than on point. We started with a warming and welcoming Christmas dinner, with an inviting but mysterious look and a lot of use of subtext in the opening scene.

The open ending leaves you as an audience an opportunity to make a decision and put yourself in the same shoes as Curt. Definitely one of the greatest films Eunicet has lensed with a high quality on. So far these film has been selected in different Film Festivals such as:

  • Official Selection – Venice Shorts Film Festival California
  • Official Selection – BELIFF – Be Epic! Film Fest London
  • Official Selection – Seattle Film Festival 2021
  • Official Selection Catalina Film Festival 2021
  • Best Thriller Worldwide – Seattle Film Festival 2021
  • Best Student Director in US – Seattle Film Festival 2021
  • Best Student Film – Los Angeles Cinematography Awards (LACA)
  • Lift Of Global Network – First Time Filmmakers Sessions


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