Dac Ngoc – A Journey To Bring Vietnamese Traditional Culture Closer To The World

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Tran Dac Ngoc Le (Dac Ngoc) is a Vietnamese fashion designer, he devotes a lot of enthusiasm to promoting the national culture to the international public.

Dac Ngoc creates a great resonance in Vietnam and internationally with his creative, unique designs. Every product of the young designer has its own distinct. Hence, he is often selected by Fashion Weeks around the world to perform as the representative of Vietnam. Furthermore, Dac Ngoc has a strong desire to add his traditional culture into his designs. Dac Ngoc is always concerned about how to bring the Vietnamese traditional culture to the world. By combining the modern techniques and designs with the Vietnamese traditional textures and materials, he created fancy dresses, gala attires for children. He revealed that he will use traditional materials such as brocade, silk, linen, or motifs from Cheo, Tuong (Vietnamese traditional music) and ethnic minorities for his new collection. As one of the first kids fashion designer who performed in international fashion weeks, Dac Ngoc believed that his method could break the barriers of art and fashion.

He confided: “I want to bring the traditional cultural values of Vietnam to the world’s leading fashion weeks. More specifically, I convey that on designs for children. It’s a rare thing that any Vietnamese designer has tried. At the same time, I also want to arouse the love of national culture and traditions in the children.”

International fashionistas are looking forward to the latest designs for children bearing the imprint of Vietnamese national traditions from Dac Ngoc.

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