Elliot Skyfall Is Going Crazy In The Underground Scene

2 mins read

Everything is always evolving. We are humans, that is what we need to do. Someone who is going to evolve the music industry is Elliot Skyfall.Elliot Skyfall is a Detroit Hip – Hop music artist. Growing up in the suburbs in a town on the outskirts called Northville Skyfall didn’t have the hardest of struggles coming up, but did build the foundation for his company Skyfall Trails from the ground up by himself. Elliot grew up with two younger brothers and both of his parents were around throughout his childhood. Skyfall says “growing up in Northville is like a box, all of my friends didn’t know how people lived outside of Northville and what life was like for them.” The majority of Elliot’s family lived in Detroit where life isn’t so fine and dandy. “Seeing people struggling for money and living frugally their whole life wasn’t somebody I saw myself being, I always wanted to live comfortably and can do whatever I want” Elliot says. Elliot brings his motivation to watching his family struggle through the 2008 – 2009 market crash and uses that as motivation to keep working hard and never giving up.

Elliot has a different swag than anyone in the industry. He has his own vibe to himself that is unmatched. Skyfall makes his own beats, Mixes, and Writes his own lyrics. He is literally an all in one package. If it was me in the industry right now I would be scared for what’s coming, if he is doing all this by himself I can only imagine what he can do with a whole team behind him. Elliot is playing a different game from everyone else and his trajectory is on a crazy angle. Lets see what else Elliot SKyfall brings to the table.

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