Gold Bottle Boys Club and Babar Kasam Cazir

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Gold Bottle Boys Club is an association of influential and high-profile individuals who get together to serve society by donating money to worthy organisations. The Gold Bottle Boys Club is a prospering Gentlemen Organisation composed of members from the communities of New York, Washington, Vancouver BC, and Dubai UAE. The club supports global charities in their fundraising by hosting charitable events, all while enjoying the companionship of their members and those they serve. Gold  Bottle Boys Club is also known as a refuge for persons involved in real estate, architecture, art, fashion, films, literature, music, and theatres. 

About Babar Kasam Cazir

Babar Kasam Cazir is an Moorish American Entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Gold Bottle Boys, an association of affluent and elevated personalities who come together to help society by making donations to noble causes. He is a strong business development professional with a Business Bachelor’s degree from the University of Exeter. Also, he is currently doing an MBA Executive Degree from the University of East London. 

Notable Career Highlights

Babar Kasam Cazir is a passionate entrepreneur with a well-rounded skill set and a diligent work ethic capable of propelling businesses to new heights. Kasam Cazir is an Architectural Designer by profession. Bringing together his considerable event production and lifestyle management skills, he is in charge of event coordination for the United Nations and IMG Fashion. Cazir is an experienced business development expert with prior experience as a Brand Manager and a proven reputation for success in the events services sector. Analytical abilities, market research, leadership, brand management, and email marketing are all his strengths. He also monitors market trends and controls advertising and marketing operations as a co-founder to ensure that the correct message for the brand’s product or service is conveyed. He also collaborates with a variety of departments, including product developers, researchers, marketing employees, and creative firms, to ensure that the company’s brand values and image are maintained. 

Challenges Cazir Faced During His Journey

Whether you’re just starting or have a well-established business, great entrepreneurs ultimately reach a point where they can no longer manage everything on their own. When people get together, share ideas, have discussions, and work together, the best things happen. Being the CEO and founder of the Gold Bottle Boys Club, the most difficult task Kasam may ever face is collaborating with the wrong people since you may have a different vision than others.

Wisdom to Share

Kasam wanted to share the wisdom of hope with other people. He tells us “no great success was ever achieved without failure”. He never gives up and has never been afraid of defeat. In the next few years, he hoped to establish himself as a well-known great architect in Dubai. In addition, he envisioned himself having developed a variety of educational buildings not just in Dubai and North America, but all over the world including Shanghai, Egypt, London. Particularly, from the perspective of the Gold Bottle Boys Club, his goal is to entice more elite members to join Gold Bottle Boys and aid the community.

Cazir’s Entrepreneurship Journey

Entrepreneurs are a specific type of person who demonstrates their ability through a variety of characteristics. They are more self-assured, willing to take risks and accept the consequences if things go wrong. Entrepreneurs are frequently regarded as leaders who must define a vision of what is achievable and attract people to unite around that vision to make it a reality. As a result, it is believed that there is a link between entrepreneurship and leadership and that successful entrepreneurs must be leaders. Kasam Cazir is a great leader with a magnificent entrepreneurship journey being a young man. Besides Gold Bottle Boys Club, Kasam Cazir also acted as a founder and Co-founder of AV Hospitality and (NYA) New York Access  now known as (MDC) Men’s Daily Class for a long time. In 2013, Kasam Cazir joined AV Hospitality as a co-founder. Additionally, he established Gold Bottle Boys Club in 2009 as a Chief Executive Officer. 

The Future of Cazir’s GBBC

His focus would be on establishing new heights of entrepreneurship to serve the community in terms of education. He needs funding and donations to achieve his goal of developing a range of educational structures in both Dubai and North America. That is why he is currently seeking more elite members to join the club and assist him in attaining his goal. Since the GBBC is a non-profit organisation, that works for the good of society by collaborating with many wealthy individuals. As a result, Kasam Cazir’s mission is to persuade more elite members to join Gold Bottle Boys and help the community. 

written by: Keoshia W. Merrit 

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