Interview: RedrumSociety Talks Relationship Status, New Music, and Merch Line

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The music industry is looking fantastic with some of the great new artists emerging in the market with their extraordinary music composition and fantastic music blends. RedrumSociety is one of the music bands that is making a mark with its ever-increasing fan following.

In a most recent interview with RedrumSociety, sources were able to get up close and personal with its lead singer, Zach Cohen. The interview went really well with Zach answering quite openly on every question.

“The songs I compose are a part of me. They represent my feelings and my side of depression of what I’ve gone through. The reason why RedrumSociety is becoming popular is that the songs represent feelings that even a common person has gone through. That is something we don’t see in today’s music industry since it’s all about music videos rather than lyrics.” Zach said when asked about RedrumSociety’s music composition.

“The latest release “All Night” is all about a person who has lost someone very close to them. Whether that someone is his girlfriend or a lover of any kind, losing a loved one leaves you scared that you can’t recover completely from. We’ve also taken the assistance of Jose Meija that is directing the music video and I’m very much hopeful that people will keep listening to the song all night,” Zach added regarding the latest release.

“As far as merchandise and the future of our music, we’re focusing a lot on that and working on expanding the brand. Merch and accessories will be readily available soon. We’ve already launched tees that are available in the market and can be bought from our website too. As for the music future, I’m working extremely hard to create a legacy that would carry on for generations. I want my music to inspire others for coming into this industry not just for fame but to make sure they connect with the people. That is what I focus on, creating a piece of music that will stay in the hearts of the people,” he narrated regarding merch and future insights.

The unique blend of different genres amalgamated with stunning music composition is some of the factors behind the great success of RedrumSociety. In addition, Zach has been able to reach the hearts of the fans by creating a piece of music that touches the listeners’ feelings. “It’s the most sexual music for your ear-holes.” as quoted from RedrumSociety.

Moreover, previous successful releases have been highly praised by the fans with over 100K streams for top hit “Street Fights” on Spotify as well as ranking #1 on the iTunes Blues Charts. The intriguing blend by RedrumSociety has been inspired by multiple categories of genre, including rock, funk, blues, and alternative.

The music industry is full of artists that are now bringing innovation by following a similar technique of different music genres. However, RedrumSociety seems to have no problem with it and is working on creating a new wave of sensation with their latest release.

You can listen to his newest release, “All Night”, available on all platforms.

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