Leading Advertising Executives Milo McCloud and Paul Burnham Share Keys to Success

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In today’s consumer climate, businesses are looking to connect and engage with audiences in a more personal and intentional setting. An increased desire to craft messaging that evokes genuine emotion has placed advertising, public relations, and marketing companies in high demand. To put it in perspective, the global advertising industry is a multibillion-dollar business. For those looking to lay the framework for their own agency, this may sound intimidating, however, this figure should highlight the vast amount of untouched opportunity that remains in this field. 

To inspire those wanting to take the first steps to entrepreneurship, we sat down with two leading advertising executives to discuss best business practices and key pieces of advice. Milo McCloud and Paul Burnham are cofounders of Paradox Group, a digital advertising agency that specializes in helping companies in the fintech, blockchain, and DeFi industries devise powerful marketing strategies aimed at boosting overall visibility. 

With an impressive track record in the sales and marketing industries, McCloud has an innate ability to identify growth strategies that help businesses scale. Alternatively, Burnham’s zone of genius lies within the financial sector. He spent 20 years working in various corporate roles for the likes of Toyota and was instrumental in completing seed stage funding for an IPO.   

Their combined expertise has catapulted the success of their two-year-old agency, and they are sharing their three keys to startup success. 


It’s almost a guarantee that, regardless of industry, there are networking events, conferences, or national organizations focused on growth and development. Look for these opportunities and have a presence. 

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. These types of events hold so much value, especially for entrepreneurs that are just starting out,” says Burnham. “From finding someone willing to serve as a mentor to staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends, these events can ultimately help boost business performance.” 


To maximize visibility of your business, McCloud and Burnham are advocates for diversifying tactics and not relying on a one-minded approach to outreach. If attempting to connect with other industry experts or a potential customer, an entrepreneur may try to engage via email. While this may grab the attention of some, others may be more apt to respond via LinkedIn or direct message. Don’t take non-response for disinterest, instead pursue another avenue. 


Arguably, the duo’s most important piece of advice is to be present and all in when it comes to business operations. 

“When an entrepreneur is actively involved in each and every step in a business’ journey, they are able to appreciate all the work that goes into making it a success,” says McCloud. “Owners are able to think bigger picture and see how money is being spent, how to make each dollar stretch, and how to tweak or refine strategies. Understanding this will only help a business flourish when it comes time to hire employees to help automate business operations.”

To see McCloud and Burnham’s advice at work or for more information on Paradox Group, visit www.paradoxgroup.co/

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