Losquien the Newest Rising Star

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The Musician on the Process of Changing the Music Industry

Mauricio Sánchez Valenzuela, born in Mexico on July 6, 2001, otherwise known simply as Losquien, is a composer and producer specializing in the alternative genre.

He is an independent artist who has managed to make his mark between the many artists of the moment. With listeners on all digital platforms, he has truly made a connection with his audience.

Currently in the process of signing to an internationally recognized label and preparing for the release of his upcoming album, we’ll surely see this artist grow in the charts throughout the next year.

His Love of Creating Content for Social Media

He allots much of his time to social media, specially to his Instagram account where he has a fanbase of more than 4,000 followers.

On his Story Highlights are featured some of his top quality and well-recognized instruments and softwares, Arturia and Spitfire play a big part in bringing his art to life.

On an exclusive he tells us that he is also working on his first live session with Billboard, Arturia and Spitfire.
Here we feature a preview of the cover art of his live session , available on January 2022.


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