Meet Ismael Feijoo, A 15-year-old Self-made Entrepreneur From Florida Who Founded What Has Grown To Be One Of The World’s Leading Digital Agencies

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Nowadays, the norm for teenagers is to spend their free time playing video games and attending parties, but Ismael has taken a different path. He was taught the importance of accumulating wealth at a young age. In his spare time, the young entrepreneur founded his agency, PixelSpot.co which assists other businesses in establishing themselves in the digital world, resulting in increased sales. He can accomplish this by working closely with the world’s most powerful corporations. These include firms such as Shopify, a global e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Additionally, Shopify is home to numerous six-, seven-, eight-, and even nine-figure businesses.

PixelSpot’s primary goal is to assist its customers in increasing the number of sales or leads they generate through the use of online tools. Among other services, PixelSpot offers website design, e-commerce, social media management, logo design, domain name search, and graphic design, to name a few of the many that they offer. According to the services required, prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

After successfully hiring a full team of designers and developers to work for his agency, Ismael was able to generate passive income. However, Ismael has even bigger goals, which include building multiple successful and passive income businesses such as PixelSpot by the age of eighteen. An additional one of his goals is to begin investing in real estate within the next one to two years and being able to generate passive income from the investments. Instead of focusing on the typical teenager goals of popularity and fame, Ismael has set himself the goal of becoming one of the most successful teens in the world and one of the world’s youngest millionaires.

While successfully expanding his team, Ismael continues to work just as hard while strategizing the next step to scale his agency and expand into other businesses. Ismael can work from anywhere at any time as a result of his ability to work from his phone, which allows him to follow his self-created workday.

WebSite: PixelSpot.co

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