Meet Roland Ngole: A Leading Speaker For Vision And Global Mindset

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Roland Ngole is a Germany based, award-winning international speaker, Author, vision, and global mindset expert. He is on a mission to help companies and individuals to maximize their vision and develop a global mindset so, that they can attain their highest level of success. Roland came a long way, starting from humble beginnings, with determination, focus, resilience, passion, a clear vision and continuous personal development. Roland Ngole is the Rockstar speaker for vision and global mindset and has a great stage presence that captivates, electrifies, and create a lasting impact on the audience. Roland Ngole could inspire and motivate an Egyptian mummy if, it sat in his audience. With a well-defined vision and a global mindset that transcends where he was born. He went on to take his place as the Rockstar for vision and global mindset.  Vision is the fundamental requirement for every great accomplishment in life. People with a clear vision tend to achieve more with their life’s than others. What does it take to achieve your vision? We took a hold of the international speaker Roland Ngole to gain his insights with regards to how to achieve your personal vision. 

Mental preparation

Roland prepared mentally rigorously for the future he was aspiring for. He constantly bought and read books and set himself on a personal development plan. During semester vacations he will spend hours in the University library voraciously reading and building up his mindset. He studied and modelled other successful people who had achieve the results he was aspiring to achieve. He has been on a reading plan for the past 14 years till date. Mental preparation is imperative because, Vision is a mental picture of a future state. It is picture of what could be and what should be in your life. Quiet, often there is a strong contrast between the vision you are striving to accomplish and your current circumstances. Thus, having the right mindset and being mentally prepared is crucial for you to keep believing in the possibility of your vision. Even when you face setbacks and adversity.

As Henry Ford rightly said” He who thinks he can and he who thinks he cannot both are right”. The possibility for you to achieve your personal vision depends on your belief in its accomplishment. Mental preparation is the first step towards achieving that objective.


Roland positioned himself with his expertise in Vision and global Mindset. Vision requires a clear positioning. It implies that vision has an imperative for you to focus on a well-defined path. You must choose a path and focus on it “Focus on one course until success comes”. Positioning helps you to choose and stand on an area of expertise and to focus all your energy and resources on it, because one of the reason most people fail in life is. because of broken focus. People attempt to accomplish so many things at the same time rather than focus on one thing and making their mark in that arena. Position helped Roland to avoid being a jack of all trades and master of none.


He exercised self-discipline which involves doing the work and paying the price of what it takes to achieve his personal vision. There is a price tag attached to your personal and it involves all the sacrifice, resources, working late nights and the effort you must invest to see your vision become a reality. Self-discipline helped him to keep working on improving himself and his mindset to align with the vision of where he is going.


When Roland embarked in the pursuit of his vision, he had to commit to it. This meant Keeping his word to himself, which was imperative for his overall success. If he did not follow through and commit to what he said, he will do, then his vision would have only remained a dream and never become a visible reality. Commitment involved him doing what he said he will do, long after the feeling in which he said it has left him. He became a man of his words and committed to the vision he was aspiring to accomplish.

Cease opportunities

He was always open and observant to notice opportunities that came along his path as he pursued his personal vision. He advises that, there will be opportunities that will show up, but you have to evaluate the opportunities quietly with regards to your vision. Then, cease the opportunities if they are in line with your aspired vision. Every opportunity has a moment and you must cease the opportunities that align with your personal vision in the moment of the opportunity. If you don’t cease that opportunity in the moment of the opportunity the opportunity will be gone.

Build strategic alliances

It is often Said, that go fast in life, go alone but to go far in life go with others. A vision cannot be accomplished in isolation. Being a lone ranger won’t help you because, teamwork makes the dream work. There are people out there, with whom you would have to build strategic alliances, so that your personal vision can become a reality. There are others from who you will have to learn and exchange ideas. The moment you become humble to learn from others, who have gone ahead of you in life, you will increase the probability of achieving your personal vision. As Isaac Newton rightly said” The reason he had gone far in life is because he has sat on the shoulders of giants”. Roland did the same to achieve his vision.

Monitor your return on investment

Everyday, you get 24 hours at your disposal. Analyze the things you allocate your time for. Check if these things are helping you or taking you closer to achieving your vision. Moreover, stop pursuing dreams and goals that no longer align with the vision you are striving to accomplish. If your dream does no longer excite you, then let it go. Its normal for certain goals and aspirations to die. “Don´t pursue death dreams, rather strive to accomplish a vision that stirs you to wake up every day”.

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