Meet the CEO of one of the fastest-growing solar electricity companies in Africa

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Solar energy can be regarded as the future of electrical power and a certain innovative Nigerian Entrepreneur with in-depth vision has utilized the value of this clean renewable source of energy by setting up one of the fastest-growing solar electricity companies in Africa.

Born in Port Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria, Tonye Irims is the first of six sons to his late Father, Capt. B.T Irimagha, a former master mariner, and his late mother, Muriel Irimagha, a businesswoman of the Royal Bonny Kingdom descent. Unfortunately, he lost 3 of his brothers in tragic circumstances.

Tonye Irims had his primary education at Corona nursery & primary school, Apapa, and Imola Day primary school, Alasia, Lagos. From 1981 to 1986, he attended Command Secondary School, Jos, Nigeria. His tertiary alma mater is the University of Port Harcourt where he studied marketing from 1988 to 1991. He later proceeded to do a clean power specialization program in the Imperial College London, and a Blockchain specialization from INSEAD. This would be where his passion for solar electricity was born.

He moved to South Africa at the age of 23. There, he did some menial jobs and later joined modeling. He modeled from 2001 to 2004. Irims was still a model when he got introduced to Dr. Mike Adenuga, a Nigerian billionaire industrialist, who later became his business mentor and for whom he did volunteer work until 2011.

He moved to the US in 2011 but returned to South Africa after a failed attempt to launch a payment app called FriendChip. At his home in South Africa, Irims saw the need for solar electricity after experiencing several power cuts with hefty reconnection fees.

In 2016, Irims founded WiSolar. However, like many startups, WiSolar experienced a series of challenges that almost made it close its doors. The company was able to do only three installations in their first year of business.  After an unsuccessful attempt to sell his business for just $8000, Irims gave it another shot after receiving a $4000 seed capital in 2018.

By 2019, WiSolar became a fast-growing solar electricity company. WiSolar Successfully provided electricity to hundreds of households at very affordable prices. It expanded operations in South Africa by establishing the Gateway Office in Bronkhorstspruit and in June 2020, it started offering solar financing to make solar electricity more mainstream.

In March 2020, WiSolar partnered with LG for high efficiency black photovoltaic panels in a bid to make the electronics giant a provider of solar panels for WiSolar and the company’s customers.

WiSolar gained international recognition when it received the 2020 MEA business award and was also regarded as the most Innovative Clean Energy Company in Africa.

In December 2020, Irims registered a patent for prepaid solar electricity system for variable loads.

As part of his objective to make solar electricity cheaper and more available in Africa, Irims opened up his business for franchising, making him the first Nigerian franchisor in South Africa.

Irims demonstrated his interest in extending the company’s solar electricity service to Nigeria by developing WiSolar’s prepaid solar electricity prototype to eliminate environment polluting fuel generators in Nigeria. Its current plan is to roll out affordable solar electricity to every household in South Africa and Nigeria. Its initial projected capital investment for the Solar-as-a-service prepaid system is $40M per country per annum within Africa.

Irims describes himself as a maverick with a non-conformist approach to life. His name “DaTonye” means God’s light.

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