Moritz Muessig, the newest rising star of the trading Industry

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Last week I was honored to interview one of the most talented persons in the world:

Moritz Muessig, the 18 years old talented and wonder teenager, is a successful trader and portfolio manager. He is currently managing an over 6 figure account with precision and perfection. That is to say, Muessig’s professional excellence and his dedication to the trading profession are the keys to his success. As a result, his investors are extremely happy with the dexterous teenager and so is the young and very talented teenage trader. He even got ranked as the 4th best Currency Analyst, on TradingView in the DACH region, in October 2020.

However, Muessig’s journey to becoming a successful trader wasn’t easy. He faced lots of trials and tribulations to reach this point in his career. The artistic teenager started to learn about stocks when he was just 13 years old and started trading when he turned 14. Muessig started trading with just €3,000 and set off on a journey that was very tough. 

Muessig knew from the very outset that the world of trading is full of uncertainties, risks, and challenges. He also knew that getting success in this arena wasn’t something that could easily be achieved. That is why he prepared himself to face each hurdle with the utmost courage and resilience. After courageously passing each obstacle, Muessig is finally at a stage that is only a distant dream for many others.

Muessig’s story of success isn’t an ordinary one. In fact, it is extraordinary and can inspire other teenagers who have the will and passion to achieve success. Muessig started his trading endeavor with profit but soon started to lose money. As it happens to all human beings, he also felt bad and disappointed. However, temporary hardships were not hard enough to break the resolute teenager. He found himself again and started to rebuild slowly and quietly.

To achieve his goals, Muessig even sacrificed his childhood. He used to come home from school at 2 PM and instantly started working. After two long years of hard work, he started to make a profit and never looked back since. Now, Muessig is a master trader and a consummate portfolio manager. He trades every asset class except bonds with perfection. Muessig is truly a rising star of the trading world. 

Altami Shasqib, 17.11.2021

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