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From the fighting ring to the music industry, Texas singers Camaro Hayes and Micah Ashby are a duo who bring the fire like no other. Originally a team in the squared circle of wrestling, they would make their musical collaboration debut in summer of 2020 with their single “Superman”. Now with a new song called “Bailame”, they are looking to change the music game once again.

    “Bailame” is a English-Spanish song with a smooth, head-bobbing club rhythm that will easily have you humming the song, even if you don’t know the words. Hayes has released several other independent singles and is currently working on his freshman EP. Recently in various clubs in South Florida, Puerto Rico and Central America, we’ve been seeing the Bailame wave rise high as plenty of club goers are seen dancing to the song and wondering of its origins. Camaro Hayes and Micah Ashby decided to give some of the details behind the song, and what’s to come.

What was the inspiration behind “Bailame”

HAYES: We had released a song in 2020, and unfortunately with the pandemic and other factors going on in the world, we couldn’t push that song the way we wanted. It honestly felt like we worked hard on making that song, and I had this void inside. I eventually reached out the Micah and as we were catching up, I just said, “What’s next?”

ASHBY: Yeah, I felt the same way. We even pushed back [Superman] a month or two I think just to see how things would play out. But we decided to go ahead and release it. And I told [Camaro] I wanted to do something off-the-wall. So we started working on a Spanish and English mash-up. It definitely took time to fully make this song, and we really took our time and carefully watched everything going on [with the pandemic] to see how we’d release this song.

HAYES: Yeah, and I wanted to make something that everyone could listen to, bob their heads, make them feel good. But truly include everyone.

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