Studd Da Kidd – Lover Girl

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Studd Da Kidd is set to release her dynamic commercial celebrating the launch of Exposure Explosion Festival app, a subscription-based concert series partnered with the entertainment industry and small businesses, across multiple cities. As a coach and producer of a diverse entertainment catalog, Studd Da Kidd brings her creativity, passion, and commitment to the community to every project she undertakes. The Exposure Explosion Festival is another way this entrepreneur is able to have the arts and business give back to communities and reach out to bring all people together in harmony and peace. The commercial is a vivid account of the potential of the Exposure Explosion Festival in 2022, Studd Da Kidd takes on the persona of Lover Girl. As Studd Da Kidd demonstrates her awareness of community issues, with her street-smart, tough nature presence, Lover Girl is the contrasting dynamic that offers compassion, understanding, and inclusiveness; the goals of Exposure Explosion Festival.

 Proving to be a powerhouse of entrepreneurial spirit, Lover Girl is the latest of creative ideas and visions. Stud Kingz & Queenz Club TV Show, along with her record label TAMA Industries record label, Lover Girl may just be the personality Studd Da Kidd needs to adapt to ensure the success of this venture. The overall presence of Studd Da Kidd commands respect, while Lover Girl is the hope and goals of a lofty venture which could potentially be an international sensation. With the adaptation of modern technology coupled with the social limitations of our time, this subscription-based concert experience may be exactly what we need to rebuild the crippled entertainment scene. 

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