Ashima Swami

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important For All Businesses? Explained By A Social Media Expert

There is no way we can deny that the pandemic has not affected all business. Whether you are a small or a big scale business, the pandemic has taken its toll on everybody. Even though these are tough times, Ashima Swami, the Social Media Expert, explains why it is important to start social media marketing for your business if you haven’t already. 

She explains, “everyone scrolls on social media when they are sitting idle.” Whether you are taking a break from the monotonous schedule of working or you are sitting on your toilet seat in the morning, chances are, most of the individuals would be scrolling away on one or the other social media channels. This is where the opportunity for creative advertising lies. Advertising on social media should be a part of your marketing mix, let’s just not think that you will get conversions from those campaigns straight away, no, it starts with brand awareness and remember it is a major part of the marketing funnel.

Let’s not make this about jargon that is difficult for people to comprehend, a simple example would be, would you expect instant conversion from a hoarding that you paid $$$$ for? No, that is for brand awareness, now imagine showing your ads to your target audience but for 10x cheaper! That is the power of social media. She added, “It is important to find that niche for your business, brand or even as an individual blogger”. 

Ashima recently started showcasing her love for make up on her Instagram, @ashima.swami and explained, only after a few trial and errors was I able to concentrate on my passion. She explained, even though her full time experience is solely on Social Media Marketing, she didn’t want to stop thinking about her passion. Ashima has always been keen on modelling and being creative. Ever since she starred as a lead in a few Indian music videos and did some commercial shoots, she was inquisitive about makeup and how it can enhance one’s natural features. She said, everyone is beautifully flawed, makeup for her is a way of art, feeling and confidence. Hence, she started with all the beauty content on her own social media to create her own niche. 

She said, just think of the content you would want to see in that industry, define a strategy and go for it! Lockdown has given us all ample time to reflect and learn. Let’s narrow down five key points, according to Ashima Swami, that can help your Social Media. 

  • Define a niche
  • Think of it as a part of your marketing mix and not just the sole channel of growth
  • Create interesting content, it doesn’t always have to be out of the box, sometimes even the most simplest things perform well
  • Trial and error, what would happen even if you go wrong? You will learn and grow with that mistake. It is all about that A/B testing
  • Just go for it, don’t overthink and do what you gotta do.