DJ Jaylo



Hi, here you meet with DJ Jaylo, a joyful musician, passionately engaged with Hip hop and Rap. I produce records and am proficient in mixtape hosting. The motto of my life is doing anything only if you have the passion, the determination, and the motivation. I consider myself blessed as I was born and brought up in Greensboro, North Carolina; legendary for old-time melodies and rap music. This place is a cradle for Gospel music, too. Music remains an integral part of my place and I feel proud of this.

Unsurprisingly, my growing-up years had been filled with the rhythm and sound of music. Playing drums is my first love. Those were the days when I played the drum at school band and my interest in beat, rhythm, and melody was spreading wings. I had no clear idea about my future course of action since I was an amateur and enjoying every bit of my life surrounded by my friend and the bright sound of drums. Time went by and I graduated from university. I wanted to accomplish something meaningful in my professional life but how can I ignore my love for music? I was a great fan of contemporary DJs who fired my imagination with their gigs. Now seriously I wanted to become a DJ, nothing else. It is not an easy task. I purchased my first DJ mixer and practiced from dawn to dusk to stand out. My hard work got recognition when I received my first performance request from my high school around three years ago. I have performed for numerous Charlotte North Carolina artists and other places and occasions ever since. 

In 5 years of time, I would want to flaunt my hip hop style to the entire world. I intend on doing a tour of the entire US and Europe once this pandemic ends. My penchant for turntablism is greater than before, and I want to devote more time to becoming a celebrated VDJ. I would like to make other promising hip-hop artists feel positive about their chosen field and join them in creating something impressive and amazing to the scene.  Dear budding DJs, “DJing is such an occupation that can cherish your passion for music, over and above support you enough to earn adequately.

All of you are invited to enjoy my gigs. Your appreciation is my inspiration. Lastly, I am thankful to you for visiting and reading my bio.