Emma Watson


Emma Watson New Love That Starts A Family Together

The famous actress Emma Watson has a new boyfriend, and his name is Will Moffett. Will Moffett is an indie film director, musician that wants to help Emma Watson charity out. Emma Watson been secretly going out with him for a while now. The reason why Emma Watson did not want too about here past her boyfriend was because he was not honest and went to gay bars.

Emma Watson new boyfriend loves to volunteer and help people less fortunate. Emma Watson is looking for a change from her current ex because he was a big D bag that controlled Emma Watson life. Jason Weinberg from Untitled Entertainment said that Emma Watson is going to getting married to Will Moffett at Dunham Woods Riding Club in Wayne, Illinois.

Will Moffett is going to direct a movie that will star Emma Watson and will be filming soon. Emma Watson plans to have a family with Will Moffett and settle down with him. Jason Weinberg said “A new change is a good change for Emma Watson to have a family together with Will Moffett.