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What Portland Artist Rony Learned Throughout His Career

Rony (born September 6, 1999) is an American rapper based in Portland, Oregon. Some might be surprised to learn that he only started taking music seriously a year ago when he dropped “Diamonds On My Neck” alongside “Red Bottoms”. Rony’s first introduction to music was when he first learned to play the clarinet at the age of 13. Though he didn’t show much interest for band class, Rony would begin to freestyle over Industry beats and write his own lyrics. Rony is a student of the game, and would study the music business. Always having that entrepreneur-like mindset. At age 19, Rony would get his foot in the Industry by hosting music club venues, and booking artists.

Rony’s career is only going upward and shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. Rony understands that it takes grind and dedication to make it to the top, and success won’t just happen overnight. Rony has grown his platform organically by continually releasing music and having a strong core fanbase. But he won’t settle for anything but the best, and keeps redefining his definition of success as he continues progressing in his career. In June 2020, Rony founded ‘RRR Records’, an independent record label. Since then, he has released songs such as “No Cap” and “SRT” under the label.

Something memorable from his career is that Rony peaked at number 3 with Single “Activated” on the Portland US Charts. “Invincible” is Rony’s first song of 2021, which is already trending on Spotify. In 3 days, and reached over 7,000 views on YouTube. Rony is already a household name in the Portland rap scene, and we look forward to seeing how far he comes. Stream Invincible below.

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