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Stankevicius Group Founder and CEO Paulius Stankevicius Announces Digital Banking Prime Investment Options

CEO and founder of Stankevicius Group, Paulius Stankevicius, announced in Dubai International Financial Centre, that early investors can earn up to 18% in profits per annum by purchasing Prime Investment Options through Stankevicius Group’s digital asset bank. 

New digital asset bank will be launched by Stankevicius Group by Q3 in 2021. The group’s CEO, Paulius Stankevicius today announced that prime investment options for early investors are available now before 26th of February, 2021.

Prime investment options stand for highly profitable long term banking investment product through digital asset investments based on Stankevicius Index. 

Stankevicius Index, which is a combination of selection of top tier digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, will serve as a base investment line for highest profitable growth within the minimal risk line. 

By investing in prime investment options through Stankevicius Group, early investors can seek for expected profit of 12-18% per annum and 3-4% growth, with minimal risk line per quarter subject to the invested capital amount. 

Investors can purchase prime investment options with USD and EUR fiat currencies. For more information about investment options contact Stankevicius Investor Relations through

Note that Stankevicius MGM is a professional public relations and investor relations firm and also a member of Stankevicius Group. Stankevicius MGM will be receiving investor relations inquiries regarding Stankevicius digital asset banking till the official launch of the bank.