The Gravity Case is Revolutionizing the way People Create Videos

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There was once a time when recording videos involved dragging a heavy camera and a tripod to your desired location and spending hours trying to figure out the perfect angle to get your shot. Things advanced when smartphone cameras became mainstream, and people starting using their camera phones to record videos. However, shooting front facing content from different angles was a notable issue, which led to the invention of the selfie stick. 

With the advent of the selfie stick, an increasing number of people began recording themselves on social media platforms, but the product posed issues such as price, convenience, and absurdity; more specifically, many found it embarrassing walking around with a 3-foot pole in public, as it would often attract unnecessary attention. This lead Gravity Enterprises LLC to develop the Gravity Case, a sleek and modern phone case that uses nano suction technology which allows you to stick your phone to any flat smooth surface to take pictures and videos.

In today’s world, it’s safe to say social media plays a big part in many of our lives. Many content creators have had issues laying their mobile devices on surfaces to get the best shot, which makes the Gravity Case a much-needed addition in any content creator’s arsenal! Want to record a video of yourself doing that funny act? Just find a smooth surface, stick your phone on it, press record, and act away! No more tripods, no more selfie sticks, no more hassle; just you and your phone as you make that amazing video. 

How does the Gravity Case work?

The Gravity case uses smart Nano-Suction technology that helps attach it to any flat smooth surface, like a mirror, window, desk, or polished doors. And all this without leaving a single mark on the surface. I know what you must be thinking, does it also stick to your hands? No! When you hold your phone with the Gravity Case, it will not be sticky or stick to your hand because the case uses Nano-suction that only activates when it is pressed against the a hard, smooth surface. The Nano-suction creates a vacuum that keeps the phone in place and prevents it from sliding down from the surface.

How is the Gravity Case Revolutionizing Mobile Content Creation?

Without the Gravity Case, people often use some sort of object to make their mobile stand upright just so that they can take a picture or make a video of themselves. Later came different cases that supported tripod stands, and even though they provided a level of convenience, they weren’t as perfect as the advertisers made them out to be. Tripods are big, clunky, and expensive. If for some reason you wanted to make a video outside or in your backyard, you would have to bring the tripod along with you which was troublesome. 

Another problem with the tripod was that you couldn’t always get the right amount of height you needed, which made it difficult to get the perfect angle. Finally, if you accidentally knocked your tripod over with your mobile device inside, there is a good chance it will crack and break. It’s clear that the tripod is not he best solution to creating content hands free. 

With the introduction of the Gravity case, you can finally stop your search for the objects to make your phone stand upright and ditch the tripods. With just a single case, you can stick your phone to any flat smooth surface you want and start filming. This creates a whole new level of convenience for the people who love filming and taking pictures as you no longer need to find a place and waste time your time to set up your tripod, adjust the height, and make sure it doesn’t get knocked over.

Whether you are in the washroom, at the gym, or really any place you can imagine, if you have your Gravity case and a flat smooth surface, you are all set to get the best quality videos all on your own.

You will find a lot of people on their website commenting how the Gravity Case has changed the way they create content. The company has done a really great job advertising their product, and people are extremely interested in what this case has to offer! Maybe in a few years, we’ll see that the Gravity Case is just as mainstream tripods

Other uses of the Gravity Case

Even though the Gravity Case is primarily aimed at video makers and content creators, that doesn’t mean it only has one use! A lot of people have a habit of watching videos as they get ready in the morning. With the Gravity case they can easily attach their mobile onto the mirror and enjoy their videos while getting ready. Also, if you love cooking while watching online cooking tutorials, or doing your makeup while checking out your favorite makeup guru’s video, this case is for you! With the Gravity case on it, you can stick your mobile onto the mirror or tiles, and watch your tutorials as you work. Genius, isn’t it?

Social Media Presence

Gravity Case is known for their influencer marketing campaigns. They have worked with hundreds of influencers on TikTok, where they have found their target demographic. With over 15,000 followers on their TikTok profile, Gravity Case was able to introduce their disruptive technology to the world and build a following behind their brand and product. Currently the #gravitycase hashtag has racked up over 10 million views on TikTok, solidifying the company’s presence in the social media world.

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