The Iranian In Exile

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  She can only Dream of The Country She left once while her life Continues abroad.

It was in 1997 that  Camalia Niknia left her native Iran at the age of 25. At first she thought She would see her homeland again but later it dawned on her that it was only a dream. “It is far too Dangerous to go to Iran when no one wants to guarantee one’s security.” She remembers one day she went to the Iranian Embassy with her Father to go to Iran. They told the father that they would like to guarantee their trip to Iran but the Return they could not guarantee with certainty as it is out of their Hands. Although Camalia Niknia and her Father have never been politically active but there is still no security and guarantee of their return. Every day you hear in the News that someone is being detained and it has now gotten worse because the bad Economy has created more unstable conditions and corruption is at its highest level. At the last Election, People had high expectations of Iranian President Hassan Ruhani such as Europeans and Americans but in step with the bad Economy and high Inflation, Everyone could soon see it was only false hopes.

It is still a Dream for Camalia Niknia to return and see The Homeland, see The Family even though some of Them have passed away. She hopes that one day it will be possible for Everyone to go to The Country and help with The Reconstruction. Throughout History, Iran has had to choose sides as a Country to work with either the West or the East, Even though several Statesmen had a Desire for neutrality.

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