The social Media personality Arvin Niknia clearly remembers the last Presidential election in Iran

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soon there will be elections again in Iran. he clearly remembers the long queues in both Iran and outside Iran where thousands of Iranians had turned up to vote for President Hassan Ruhani.

 Several opponents of the Iranian regime like the crown prince of the last king of Iran are doing their best on social media to tell the people of Iran that they should not vote. Everything it is about for the regime is the opposite. They must again do their best to mobilize the people. In the last election, the regime again succeeded in getting people to vote with high hopes for a better future. Results were again the exact opposite of what the regime had promised the people. economic chaos has reached its highest point in Iran, where inflation is rising and rising. wages are very low so some people collect bottles and plastic items from containers and trash cans to resell them. Several Iranians had hopes that US President Trump’s sanctions would help but it has been shown that the sanctions have had no effect on atom enrichment as Iran uses Chinese assistance. President Biden’s removal of any sanctions also did not have the major effect on the Iranian economy as corruption is too high in Iran. The guard of the Islamic Revolution controls almost everything the economy and exports the oil to other countries illegally. The Israelis have had several attacks on Iranian interests in Syria such as oil tankers.

 Hstory has shown that the regime’s interest does not lie in Iran itself and among the people but rather in Iraq, Yemen and Syria. The new presidential election as the previous ones will certainly not lead to any benefit to the Iranian people …

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