UK innovators are the global leaders in combatting COVID-19 – the world’s first mask with a propolised filter to protect you from the deadly virus.

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The face cover consists of three layers, one of them being the propolised filter that increases its efficiency.

It comes from United Kingdom being created by a London based Fashion designer  Monica Nechifor who studied Microbiology after the pandemic started and it is a mask like no other on the market .

But how is this mask different from other masks in the market, you ask?

 Well, first of all it works by inhalation of propolis aerosol from the propolised filter by the wearer, Propolis shown in many scientific research to offer protection against Covid-19 

The propolis particles act as a barrier against the virus by stopping it to enter the respiratory system,it makes the virus unable to attach to human living cells to multiply and It strengthens the immune system to help fight the virus.

Propolis is a substance made by the bees from trees and plants resins collected by bees and mixed with their enzymes and wax. It has been popular for its effectiveness in treating various illnesses.

The bees use Propolis to kill and protect their hives from any pathogens by coating their hives with this substance resulting in a sterile environment thanks to its antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

With this model in mind, the proposed filter face covering was designed to protect you just as bees protect their hive.

SARS-CoV 2 human to human transmission occurs through respiratory droplets. Once the virus gets an entry, it replicates. The active virus particles damage mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and oral cavity.

Considering the mode of transmission and pathogenesis, Propolis inhalation is a very effective way to prevent viral activity because it affects directly the sites of viral accumulation: nasal cavity and throat. If propolis particles are present, the highly active flavonoids like Chrysine and Kaempfoul will inhibit the replication. Reducing intracellular replication activity in this way contributes to the suppression of the growth and development of the virus.

This process stops some specific enzymes; disabling the virus’ capacity to synthesize their nucleic acid.

The third way Propolis fights the SARS CoV 2 is by indirect action; being an immune system booster.

Propolis contains Bioflavonoids and Poliphenoids that support the immune system. The body becomes better equipped to fight any infection.

The propolis filter face mask should be your first choice when buying a face mask because of its multiple advantages over its counterpart and you can purchase yours at WWW.CONVERTIBLE-FASHION.COM 

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