King Chad Officially Dropped His 5th Studio Album Called “Purpose”

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Chadly Francois, greatly known as King Chad is a musical artist from Sarasota, Florida. The artist has had multiple years of being active in the music industry, but in the year 2021 was truly a breakthrough year for him. In 2021, he released not only singles but also many other projects. This momentum has made him a force to reckon with and to look out for in the music industry. His consistent dedication to his art is unparalleled and in a very short time, he has released four albums so far.
With the new year, King Chad continued on the track of sending into the world new releases with his single “New Year”. The track was dropped on January 1st of 2022, and it has a unique retro and 80s pop vibe to it. This combination manages to evoke both feelings of nostalgia, and an inherent joyfulness to its listeners. This style of music is one that his fans are bound to be familiar with, as his two latest albums “King’s Palace” and “Lost In The 80s” both used the same elements.

After a lot of hard work and much anticipation from his fans, King Chad is now ready to release into the world his latest album. His fifth album, which is titled “Purpose” is one that the artist has claimed to be very excited about. Undoubtedly, with an artist of his caliber and dedication, this album is bound to have new innovative sounds and rhythms that will completely separate it from his previous work. At the same time, elements and sounds previously used will connect the album to his overall sound and the genre that he is representing.
The album is now available to stream, release date was on January 14th 2022 according to many sources, it will be his best album yet. King Chad has officially released his new album “Purpose” and it’s now available on all streaming platforms. Furthermore, you can also stream his new single “New Year” as well, which is also available in all stores as you prepare for the new release. For more updates on his music, you can also follow King Chad on Instagram under the username Kingchad 1

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