Singer ZaRio Heats Up The Charts With “She Don’t Know Love”


ZaRio is an extremely talented artist, producer, and songwriter. Often being compared to music geniuses such as Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and Brian McKnight, due to the likeness in musical style. The singer, songwriter was classically trained and is educated in the field of R&B by vocal coach, Cynamman.

At just 8 years old ZaRio discovered his passion for music. After joining his middle school choir, he found himself falling even more in love with the arts. Fast forward to his teenage years, where he began to lead and organize the youth in Atlanta as well as other parts of the country.

That jump-started his love for activism, which led him to become a seasoned, motivational speaker with a passion for leadership, change, and personal development in his community and around the world. Between music and activism, ZaRio found it hard to balance both with his activism, usually outshining his love for music. (ZaRio is currently #33 on the R&B charts at mediabase with his hit song “She Don’t Know Love.”)

Now he’s set his sights on returning to music by releasing his single, She Don’t Know Love, with co-producer Errol “EZ” Taylor which includes catchy melodic sounds and beautiful harmonies that will touch your soul. ZaRio is bringing R&B back to the spotlight and doing so at an incredibly fast rate as he quickly climbs up the charts, and takes over streaming platforms as his latest song approaches 1,000,000 streams in its first few weeks and has hit the top ten on iTunes Charts.

ZaRio also recently released a hit song to go along with his recent track which followed the singer through a beautiful snowy setting that takes your breath away in every scene. The video has attracted over 1,000,000 views globally in its first 30 days. The young star is just getting started as he plans to release his first EP, Sorry to Keep You Waiting, later in the year as a nod to R&B music fans across the world. You can download and stream his music on all platforms right now.

ZaRio stands to be an inspiration to others while being himself, a true Gentleman.

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Gut Health And Camel Milk Benefits For Leaky Gut Syndrome


From the scientific research and studies regarding the connection between gut health and overall health, scientists are beginning to understand the vital role the gut plays in good health. 

Studies have already discovered fascinating links between gut health and weight control, thyroid function, mood, and cognition – just to name a few health issues.

In addition, researchers are exploring links between gut health and autism, diabetes, and depression, as well as many other diseases that may be connected with the state of our gut. 

In ancient times, doctors believed that particular ailments originated from imbalances in the stomach. This idea was discarded in later years by the medical profession, but it now appears the ancient doctors were onto something. 

The term “leaky gut” has gained more attention in recent years, and an understanding of leaky gut, and how it can affect the body, is opening a door to solutions for improved gut and overall health.


The gut barrier’s job is to make sure nutrients are allowed into the blood stream, while passing the harmful bacteria and toxins through the body without harming you. 

When the gut barrier becomes too permeable (allowing too many substances to pass through too easily), it becomes “leaky gut syndrome”. Large protein molecules and toxins pass into the blood stream when they are not meant to. When your body finds these substances in places they are not meant to be, it attacks them, triggering an immune response.


Leaky Gut Syndrome leads to digestive nightmares such as bloating, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, food allergies, and even more serious autoimmune problems. 

Autoimmune disease occurs because the body’s natural defenses — the immune system — attack the body’s own healthy tissue on an ongoing basis. Several recent clinical studies identified that the function of the intestinal barrier is a major factor in autoimmune diseases. 


We are all born with a leaky gut (literally an open, permeable gut lining). As we consume our mother’s nursing milk, which is rich in Colostrum and contains many growth factors and immune factors, these substances pass into the bloodstream and form our immune system and develop a healthy internal environment. Once this happens, the gut is meant to naturally close, allowing the bacteria to adhere to the gut lining, which develops a healthy mucous thanks to the Colostrum.

In the world today there are millions of people who lack the good bacteria needed to properly absorb nutrition from food and also keep out bad bacteria. They no longer have the ability to detoxify and maintain cleanliness of the blood. All the while, the undiagnosed, chronic lack of good bacteria and compromised gut health remains untreated.  

It is now clear that the state of our gut lining and gut microbiota (microorganisms) is a direct window into our overall health. Numerous factors can negatively affect the lining and gut microbiota, including diet, stress, antibiotics, and advancing age. When the lining is too permeable, and the gut microbiota is out of balance, it plays a role in the development of Obesity, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac Disease and many other conditions. 


If you thought the answer is one hundred million you are not even close.

Try 100 trillion. This enormous, complex ecosystem contains over 1,000 different species of bacteria. 


Underlying an unhealthy gut is unhealthy gut bacteria, due to:

   – The types of bacteria present in our gut 

   – The populations of those bacteria 

   – The ratios between each bacterium

   – A permeable gut lining that is not keeping unhealthy bacteria and toxins out of the body.

These variables are closely related, so if a person has issues with one, most likely they will have issues with the others as well. 

Most people assume that “gut problems” must mean “digestive problems.” Sometimes, that is the case. But in reality, the problem is broader than that. 

The evidence clearly indicates that, even if you do not have serious digestive problems, you could still have an unhealthy gut microbiome (the ecosystem of bacteria in the gut).

Healing the gut is something we all need to consider if we want to experience good health, so doesn’t it make sense that if we introduce a source of good bacteria and nutrients into our body, we will experience improvement in our health?



Camel milk is recognized as a superfood that contains over 120 strains of lactic acid bacteria and has peptides and proteins that exhibit biological activities that have a beneficial effect on many bioprocesses such as digestion, absorption, growth and immunity. 


Camel milk has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal drink and has been clinically proven to improve bacterial imbalances. Some bacteria such as Allobaculum, Akkermansia and Bifidobacterium increase in abundance with camel milk. 

Camel milk contains prebiotics in the form of oligosaccharides (1). Prebiotics play a key role in feeding healthy bacteria and supporting their growth in the digestive system, resulting in improved health. Oligosaccharides promote the growth of healthy bacteria while inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria in the colon.

Camel milk also contains several probiotics that make the gut healthy, like Enterococcus durans, Lactobacillus casei, Enterococcus lactis, Pediococcus pentosaceus, Lactobacillus lactis, and Lactobacillus pentosus (2). It has been proven that E. lactis can stop the growth of certain hazardous bacteria. L. pentosus may prevent infection by inhibiting Helicobacter pylori and aid better gut health (3). 


Camel milk is similar to human milk. It is virtually bio-identical to the Colostrum in human mother’s nursing milk and provides excellent protective health benefits.

Colostrum has immune-boosting properties mostly due to its high concentration of the antibodies IgA and IgG. Antibodies are proteins that fight viruses and bacteria.


Camel milk contains Lactoferrin, an iron-binding protein that can fight bacterial growth (4). It is so effective that it can stop intestinal Escherichia coli.


Camel milk contains the Lysozyme enzyme that kills bacteria by disrupting their membranes. It may also aid in the maintenance of healthy gut flora in breastfed babies (5).


Camel milk contains minerals, selenium and zinc, that may support a healthy gut. Selenium and zinc help reduce Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease (6). Selenium and zinc help regulate the microflora and boost the diversity of bacteria in the intestines and gastrointestinal tracts.  

Camel milk is different from other ruminant milk, such as cow and sheep milk, because it is lower in cholesterol and sugar. Camel milk contains high amounts of minerals (potassium, iron, copper, zinc and magnesium), and contains 3 to 5 times more Vitamin C than cow milk.

Drinking camel milk can improve the state of the gut lining and the gut microbiome. A healthy gut makes the whole body healthier. With a healthy gut, food digestion is better; more nutrients are absorbed from food more effectively; your body produces Vitamin K2 and B Vitamins. There’s less likelihood that you’ll get sick from stomach bugs because your gut has enough healthy bacteria to prevent the growth of disease-causing bacteria. 

With camel milk as part of your daily diet, you’ll enjoy a myriad of health benefits that will improve your gut health and positively impact your overall health. 

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1. Fukuda K, Yamamoto A, Ganzorig K, et al. Chemical characterization of the oligosaccharides in Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus) milk and colostrum. J Dairy Sci. 2010;93(12):5572-87. PMID: 21094729

2. Davati N, Tabatabaee Yazdi F, Zibaee S, Shahidi F, Edalatian MR. Study of Lactic Acid Bacteria Community From Raw Milk of Iranian One Humped Camel and Evaluation of Their Probiotic Properties. Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology. 2015;8(5):e16750. doi:10.5812/jjm.8(5)2015.16750

3. Zheng PX, Fang HY, Yang HB, Tien NY, Wang MC, Wu JJ. Lactobacillus pentosus strain LPS16 produces lactic acid, inhibiting multidrug-resistant Helicobacter pylori. J Microbiol Immunol Infect. 2016;49(2):168-74. doi: 10.1016/j.jmii.2014.04.014

4. Science Direct: Lactoferrin – Clinical Respiratory Medicine, 2012

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6. Kudva AK, Shay AE, Prabhu KS. Selenium and inflammatory bowel disease. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2015;309(2):G71-7. PMID: 26045617

BOXTradEx and BOCT Signed Strategic Partnership To Launch Gateway Access To Digital Assets Broker In Asean Market


BOXTradEx and BOCT has reached a strategic partnership to cooperate in cross-currency
settlement via token and/or digital asset. This partnership has the potential to create great
value-added benefits to BOXTradEx users, especially with the option for fiat-tocryptocurrency transaction settlement subject to rates. Furthermore, BOXTradEx has
established a Fiat On-Ramp platform which enable users in Southeast Asia countries, like
Vietnam and Indonesia, to deposit fiat money from their bank account in return for digital
assets, such as BOCT, BTC, Ethereum and USDT, etc.

BOXTradEx and BOCT’s partnership provide users with the access to the digital assets ecosystem where users in Southeast Asia can deposit fiat money in return for selected digital assets. The Fiat On-Ramp platform will support exchange for several digital assets, like BTC, USDT, TRX, XRP, etc.

In general, spending of digital assets remain a key issue in the digital assets ecosystem as it is not easily accessible and reliable where merchants also do not regard this as part of mainstream payment settlement option. The issue here is mainly due to the inconvenience and lack of reliable access for fiat-digital assets conversion. This partnership together with BOCT, owned by Creditz Base Group Limited (“CBGL”) (a financial service firm that provides credit token business approved by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (“LFSA”)), will allow for a more reliable access and convenience for BOXTradEx’s users and hope to provide more option to expand in the digital assets ecosystem.

In Malaysia, BOCT work hand-in-hand with RMBex Limited (“RMBex”), a company that provide licensed digital asset brokering platform for cross-selling and trading of cryptocurrency approved by LFSA. Therefore, the application of BOCT in the new millennial era integrated into a unique and reliable trading platform offers a more versatile access to the crypto financial services.

BOXTradEx focuses on building valuable and user-friendly trading bots to digital assets- investors in Southeast Asia. Together with BOCT, our commitment is toward a vision that provide one of the most stable liquidity and secure trading environment that differs from competitors.

About BOCT (Base on credit token)
BOCT is a credit token services platform owned by Creditz Base Group Limited (“CBGL”), a financial services firm located in Labuan and approved by the Labuan Financial Services Authority. Through BOCT, CBGL aims to carry out a credit token business that provides blockchain technology enabling and applications services. CBGL’s mission is to provide a stable fiat-pegged blockchain asset which is believed to be the solution to the current barrier of blockchain assets adoption in the market.
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About BOXTradEx
BOXTradEx is a Digital assets exchange combined with strategic trading tools (bots). We aim to build a Digital assets-platform with forward-looking concept firstly based on security and legal compliance. The primary application in BOXTradEx is Digital Assets-trading bot with multiple investment strategies.

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‘Rap Therapist’ Lil Tony Rose Reveals His Journey from Grass to Grace


For some people, hardship is the beginning of a life on a downward spiral, but to famous artist and rapper Lil Tony Rose, hardship was the beginning of a great career in music. Also known as the ‘rap therapist’, Lil Tony Rose made the decision to not give into his hardship but to take the sour lemons life had handed him and turn that into some really good lemonade. His hardships pulled him down enough to thrust him right back into a success story.

Lil Tony Rose was a college student at Texas State University from 2016-2017, but after facing many difficulties, he had to drop out of college and work hard at Taco Bell for two years straight, trying to save up enough money for a better life. At the age of 17, this hardworking teenager ventured into the world of entertainment specifically in the music industry where he poured out his heart and soul. With hard work and consistency and a huge thirst to survive, Lil Tony knew he only had one chance at this and he took the best shot at it. 

After days and sleepless nights in the studio, making hits and working hard, success and fame quickly grew on this new ray of light who has no plans of dimming anytime soon. While success and fame could be hard on several rising artists, Lil Tony has handled it quite well, using these as motivation to work even harder and grow in the music industry. Lil Tony Rose is focused not just on getting a great music career, but also sharing his story on platforms to encourage other teenagers who may have a dream to succeed in life but are going through hardships. 

Lil Tony Rose can be seen and heard on several social media platforms like: YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and Tidal. This young star video edits his own work and knows perfectly well how to handle a camera. He is open to working with other brands on a strict set of agreements and when all the necessary terms and conditions apply. 

To watch/listen to some of his works please visit: 

The love life is one thing fans are always curious to find out about. Lil Tony Rose is not romantically involved with anyone at the moment, although he fell in love with Jahayra Corral May 3, 2020 and they dated together for 8 months. Jahayra Corral was the love of his life and the very first girl who told Lil Tony she loved him and meant it. When he is not busy making music and working, Lil Tony spends his time relaxing at home, watching a good movie, and some of his favorites are: The Notebook, Dear John, Safe Haven and Nicholas Sparks. 


For more information, please visit: 

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Lil Tony Rose

We Met With Sri Lanka’s No. 1 Social Media Strategist Hamza Hanifa


With the dawn of the modern smart phone age, people spend most of their free time gazing at their mobile phones. Out of all the apps that feed you with that dopamine hit which makes you feel good, Facebook is the leader, or to describe in different terms “cocaine” of the social media world. And where there is drugs there is trouble. Teenagers, adults and even companies alike get into trouble in social media platforms due to various reasons. This is where Hamza comes in and does his magic.

We asked Hamza on how he got started, and about his journey so far. This is what he had to say,

“I don’t have a degree in Digital Media Marketing. But I have gained valuable experience by working in the trenches and paying my dues in this space. I keenly observe the trends and patterns that is going on in social media every day, every second. Some people see me as a “guru” in the social media domain, but I don’t consider myself an expert, I still have a lot to learn. It is an industry that is changing every day. For an example if you want to master every aspect of Facebook it will take you the same time as doing an degree which is 4 or 5 years.”

According to Hamza another thing he observed is, most problems that can be rectified very easily by analyzing in a methodical manner is made into a travesty by people who does not put the effort and time to study the problem.

Hamza is a millennial, born in 1991 in Gampola, he started his career in 2010 by managing the Facebook pages of several Sri Lankan celebrities. Currently he is the go to guy trusted by many celebrities such as Sanath Jayasooriya, Kusal Mendis, Dinesh Chandimal, Nuwan Kulasekara, Kusal Janith and the list keeps on growing. Hamza also worked in the social media department in the presidential media unit under His excellency president Maithreepala Sirisena. He is also working with many brands and corporations. But he is well known and loved among the general public as the creator and admin of the Facebook page “Bro”. His relentless dedication and attitude have made him the lading social media strategist in Sri Lanka.

As person of Islamic faith Hamza Hanifa is a prime example of and a shining beacon of light for youngsters that bitterness, fanatism can be left behind. We like to wish him great success.

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