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The Law of silence and Attraction of bodies, as it is presently understood, is only a fraction of the secret reality that is buried behind the curtain of public view. It is derived from the universal rules of the cosmos, implying that the law silence and attraction operates under the control of the 7 Hermetic principles.k

Truth was not supposed to be given to common folks in the ancient age since the masters did not believe in “throwing pearls before pigs,” but they did adhere to the teachings of “milk for infants; meat for strong men.” Understanding the law – the basic laws of the universe – gives man a vast power inside himself, allowing him to become a genuine Master of his life, attaining anything he desires.

Law of silence and attraction of bodies

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The three realms of life in Hermetic traditions are mental, physical, and spiritual. Hermeticism holds that all three of these realms are inextricably linked and that each is continually affecting the others.

This component of Hermetic philosophy corresponds to what the Law of Attraction tells us, namely, that our ideas (on the mental plane) may have a direct influence on the reality around us (the physical plane).

Similarly, the emotional and spiritual worlds have very substantial consequences for how our lives unfold.

Vibrational frequency is strongly tied to existence planes. Importantly, your surroundings (the physical plane) will change its frequency to match the mental vibration of your ideas.

Meanwhile, your spiritual frequency influences the vibration of the mental level. As the Law of Attraction states, raising our spiritual vibration is the road to a happier existence.

How this law works

The manifestations of the unmanifest are what we name “life, matter, and energy.” In other words, all things are manifestations of the Unseen, which transforms into the manifest, Seen, and Visible.

What is outside is within. What is seen is not what is invisible. As within, so without: who you are is the unmanifest, intangible, and unseen, not the manifest or your physical form. Life is not what you consider to be the outside world; rather, life is inner since every experience is inner. There is a spiritual body within the physical body. There is always the unseen within the apparent.

In reality, research has determined that dark energy and dark matter, which are the Unseen substances in our galaxy, make about 95 percent of the cosmos. It is the material that holds everything together and allows Newton’s law of gravity to function.

When we talk about things, we need to grasp how they relate to one another since everything has an invisible foundation. Everything is in sync, accord, and harmony with one another.

Hermetic law of attraction and astrology

What happens above will also happen below, thus what happens in the solar system will also happen within us. The solar system is not above us; rather, we are in it, and the solar system is within us.

This is the purpose of astrology. The term “astrology” is derived from the Latin word “astrologia.” Logia means “reasoning of” or “logic of” and astr means “star.” Thus, astrologia (or astrology) refers to the star’s logic or reasoning.

There is a significant distinction between astrology and astronomy. Astronomy is a commonplace science. They are about the relationship and order of planets, such as how the Earth is the third planet from the Sun and Mars is the fourth. Astronomy will not tell you anything about your relationship with the cosmos.

Astrology, on the other hand, is concerned with the metaphysics of planets rather than the scientific physics of planet constellations. To comprehend how astrology works, we must first realise that we are all formed of the same energy, atom, and essence that created the stars, galaxies, and the entire universe. The vibrations of our body match to the vibrations of the planets in our solar system. We are vibrating at the same frequency as the globe. To put it another way, we are a carbon duplicate of the cosmos.

This is why, based on your date of birth, someone can tell you precisely who you are, what your tendencies, talents, and abilities are. The planet does not force us to do anything; rather, it influences us. We have the option of being swayed by their influence or becoming masters of it, depending on how we regulate it.

The symbolism behind it

On the Rituals of the Hexagram. – Within The Pyramid

The Hexagram is the Law of Attraction’s emblem. It is not the Star of David or Solomon’s Seal. It is a holy geometry that signifies harmony and reproductive quality. The word sacred implies “secret.” Sacred words, such as sacred geometry, sacred number, and sacral vertebrae, all indicate secret.

Your sacral vertebrae are the secret vertebrae – a hidden instrument that allows you to “grow up” your kundalini serpents at the base of your spine. When Moses “raises the dead” or “raises the serpents in the desert,” he indicates that he wakes the dormant chakras within our bodies. Surprisingly, the number of chakras in Hindu systems is the same as the number of universal laws in hermetic traditions.

The hexagram is not a sign of the devil. There is no emblem for the devil. Nature is the owner of the emblem. The devil takes the sign and inverts it, using it to represent the negative side of the duality.

Because the hexagram is one of the most potent symbols on the positive side of nature, witches and the devil abuse it.

This geometry may be seen in Hindu culture in the heart chakra, which is a symbol of balance, harmony, and unconditional love.

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