5 Tips For Social Media Success from TikTok Creator Bryce Parker

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Social media only works if you’re ready to upload on a consistent basis. If you want exposure, you have to be regularly pumping out content, it’s not something that can be an afterthought. The more consistent you get in uploading frequently, the better chance you have of being on the explore page, FYP, etc.

Find your niche

Content that you upload cannot be all over the place. At the beginning, find out what resonates with your audience and make that your brand. Stay true to that niche and explore other types of content here and there, but keep making content that you find resonates with the audience so you keep building out the fanbase.

Develop a schedule

Find what time works for you and be consistent. If you develop a schedule, fans know when to expect your content and it is something they look forward to. For instance, a lot of creators only choose to only post day or night, they find what works for them and they stick to it. This way fans are “early” to your posts, and are actively engaging. 

Interact with your fans

The more you interact with your fans, the more they will be invested in your page. It is good as a creator to get in the habit of getting to know your fans, even though the relationship is all digital. You will start to recognize the loyal fans in your comments, they are the most valuable when it comes to engagement so treat them like friends. 

Never been an app like TikTok

Apps like YouTube and Instagram are hard to start from scratch in terms of developing a following, but with TikTok there is a unique opportunity that no other social media app has. Overnight, if you have one good video, it can essentially open you to so many more opportunities. If one video goes viral and you gain a good amount of followers, that is the beginning of your social media career if you stay consistent. I recommend investing your time in one platform before trying to expand to other social media apps. Take it one step at a time.

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