Ao Dai & Yacht – Trisha Vu Defines A New Definition of Sexy & Elegant

Trisha Vu is not only successful as a fashion designer, but as an Instagram influencer/model, she always looks stunning and knows how to impress her audience and the international media. This Singapore-based Vietnamese lady’s works are full of creativity and inspiration. Her latest photoshoot, Trisha in Ao Dai, designed by Trinh Hoai Nam Do, reaffirmed that she absolutely deserved the title ‘The queen of bling-bling’.

Trisha’s fashion sense is a perfect blend of sexy and elegant. In 2011 – 2012, her collections were famous in the Singapore Yacht Show. Hence, Trisha went on hiatus for a few years and just came back in 2019. Singapore Yacht Show 2019 marked the return of Trisha, she made a strong comeback with another remarkable collection. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it took 2 years to finish her new work, and this time, she collaborated with Trinh Hoai Nam Do. Immediately after the new photos were published, Trisha received positive feedback from Singapore fashionistas.

Trisha Vu in Ao Dai by Trinh Hoai Nam Do. IG: v__trisha

This collection is called East-meet-West, by combining Ao Dai – the traditional Vietnamese dress and yacht – a symbol of luxury from the Western culture. This creative idea fully illustrated her fashion sense – sexy and elegant. Trisha confessed: “I’m extremely proud and happy to wear the Vietnamese national garment, Ao Dai. It represents my country’s culture and doing a photoshoot on a luxury yacht would create memorable moments. For me personally, I wore Ao Dai in Mrs Expat Singapore and became the Runner-up. It was one of the best days of my life, I couldn’t hold back my tears when the announcer called my name. That’s why to me Ao Dai is more than just a traditional dress that I’m proud of. Ao Dai reminds me of great memories and it has a special meaning that words cannot describe.”

As aforementioned, Trisha is not only a stunning model with a perfect body, she is also known as a talented fashion designer. 2 years ago, she made a return as a model, this year, Trisha is back with her new bikini collection. Her fans are yearning and counting the release date. Through this collection, she wants to spread the idea of enjoying life. Although COVID-19 is there, people should be more positive, the fun under the sun and the sea are still waiting for us.

Trisha Vu with “Sac Hoa” Collection of Trinh Hoai Nam Do

Trisha Vu is a model of a strong-willed and career-minded Asian woman. Her daily life showed that she is a master of time management as she has to take care of two children and works as the CEO of two companies. What are her tips? Trisha just smiled: “It’s all about balance, my ex-husband decided to work through this together. Raising children and working at the same time is difficult but love could give you more power than you could even imagine”. For more stories from this beautiful lady, you can follow Trisha’s instagram: v__trisha (https://www.instagram.com/v__trisha/).


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