The Covid-19 Omicron Variant- What you need to know

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The New Coronavirus Variant, Is It Dangerous? 

This new Coronavirus variant has been discovered in South Africa and reported to the World Health Organization (WHO), and since then intense research and investigations regarding this (Omicron) variant have begun worldwide. The situation has been tense afterwards, due to “the likelihood of potential spread of Omicron at the Global level being high,” and it could lead to surges with “severe consequences” according to WHO, making the world leaders look into effective solutions to curb the spread of the Omicron variant with more emphasis placed on motivating people to get vaccinated if they can.

What is the Omicron Variant?  

This new edition of the Coronavirus is a variant of SARS-Cov-2, the virus that caused Covid-19. The Omicron variant has alarmed scientists and public health officials due to an exceptionally high number of mutations it has got and that have the potential to make the virus more contagious and less vulnerable to existing vaccinations.

Despite what experts described as a plethora of questions, the World Health Organization has labeled the Omicron variant as a form of concern and has also cautioned that the worldwide hazards presented by it are extremely high.

Where Was the First Case of Omicron Found?

Since the time of the discovery of the Omicron variant in South Africa, this newfound variant of Omicron has spread to over a dozen countries, including Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea.and the United States.

Why are Scientists So Concerned About Omicron?

South African researchers raised the alarm after discovering more than 30 changes in the spike protein, a component on the virus’s surface that allows it to connect to human cells and enter the body. Some of the Botswana samples shared around 50 mutations throughout the virus that had not before been discovered in combination.

The spike protein is the primary target of antibodies produced by the immune system in response to a Covid-19 infection. Because Omicron’s spike has so many mutations, it may be able to dodge antibodies developed by earlier infection or vaccines.

What are the Symptoms of this New Covid Variant Omicron? 

Fever, cough, weariness, and loss of taste or smell are the most prevalent symptoms of the novel COVID variant “Omicron,” while sore throat, headache, aches and pains, diarrhea, a rash on the skin, and discoloration of fingers or toes can be regarded as less common symptoms of the emerging COVID Variant. The new COVID Variant Omicron also causes significant symptoms such as trouble breathing or shortness of breath, loss of speech or movement, disorientation, or chest discomfort.

So Is It Dangerous? Should We Be Worried?

The discovery of Omicron has caused widespread alarm throughout the world, with a number of nations, including Israel, Japan, Morocco and the United States, prohibiting flights from southern Africa entirely.

However, public health experts have cautioned that there is no strong proof that Omicron is more harmful than prior forms, such as Delta, which soon surpassed its predecessors in the United States and other nations.

What Precautions Should Be Taken in Regard to the New Covid Variant? 

The essential thing that you can do is limit your chances of being infected with the virus; therefore, make certain that you keep following the rules provided by UNICEF.

  • Make sure to keep your nose and mouth covered with a mask. Also, when putting on and removing your mask, make sure your hands are clean.
  • Maintain a physical gap of at least one meter between yourself and others.
  • Try to avoid places that are inadequately ventilated or congested.
  • Keep the windows at your home open to increase interior ventilation.
  • Make regularly washing your hands a strict routine in your daily life.
  • Get immunized when it is your turn as COVID-19 vaccinations certified by WHO and the CDC are both safe and effective.

What Are Effective Ways to Monitor for  Covid-19 and it’s many Variants  Symptoms at Home

One of the many ways to make yourself extra careful and protected from the harms of this emerging Coronavirus variants, is to get a Covid-19 Home Monitor Kit ( the whole package contains high-quality items such as a Digital forehead thermometer, pulse oximeter, gel sanitizer, and face mask), it is like a First aid kit for the Covid-19 virus, which would help you to monitor symptoms related to the Covid 19, Delta variant or Omicron variant and will prepare you and your loved ones to remain a step ahead of this new Covid variant. 

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