Australian singer-songwriter India Dupriez wants listeners to feel less alone This new artist is gaining attention for more than just catchy tunes

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The music industry has evolved into a completely different scene than it was a decade or two ago. Advancements in technology have changed the sound and production of hit songs, making it possible for pretty much anyone to sound good. Additionally, the increasing popularity of social media gives fans access to their favorite artists in ways that previous generations cannot relate to. But one singer-songwriter in Australia is using these changes to her advantage. 

India Dupriez started getting involved in music when she was just 12 years old. From there, she has continued practicing her craft and becoming more sophisticated in her story telling. With a voice that doesn’t even need modern technology to make it sound good, it’s no wonder she has caught the attention of big hitters in the contemporary pop music scene. Her striking vocals make casual listeners, as well as top producers in the world, turn their heads and turn up the volume. With her current representation, Los Angeles based Symba Music Group, India Dupriez has made her way around the globe, writing and recording music with professionals such as, Chizzy Stephens (Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez) and Kyle Moorman (Pink, Sheppard, Miley Cyrus, Ellie King). 

She’s worked her way up in just a short eighteen months and has stellar hits to show for it. Her newly released songs “Venomous” and “Pray” encapsulate that hard work she is putting into her songwriting, keeping the audience wondering what she will do next. 

Dupriez says that she wants to make people feel with her music, and she does just that with “Pray.” Written while sitting on her bedroom floor at a low point, she opens up to her fans in this song. “I didn’t know if music was something I even wanted to do anymore. Looking back on it now, this song represents growth and progress for me,” she said. She reminds fans to thank people who support them and remember that pain is temporary. 

The encouragement and hope she provides to listeners is something that’s making her stand out. In an age where social media can mask what artists are really going through, India has taken down that barrier and used widespread platforms to be real with her audience. They will find that she is going through struggles just like them, but is also there to make them dance with songs like “Venomous.” “I simply exist to make people feel less alone. It’s what I want to do with music so either way, if I’m doing that, I’m successful,“ India said. She says she doesn’t have a favorite song, but “My Mind” by Yebba was important, as it showed her how healing music can be. 

In addition to “Pray” and “Venomous,” listeners can also indulge in newly released singles, “Ghost” and “Holding On.” India Dupriez’s versatility already has her career on an exciting path. Fans will be patiently waiting to see what she shares and comes up with next. To follow along on her journey and listen to India’s latest music, follow her on social media here. 

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