Discover The Bit Frenchie Society! Collection of 10,000 Bit Frenchie NFTs!

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Are you a fan of French bulldogs and the latest cryptocurrency NFT phenomenon that goes mainstream? Otherwise called Non-fungible tokens, these amazing digital works of art are one-of-a-kind verifiable assets that are easy to trade on the blockchain. Unlike bitcoin and ethereum, NFTs are not interchangeable, which means you won’t find two same NFTs in the world! You’ll be the only person who will get a certificate of authenticity as proof you hold the rights of such a piece of art. That’s why the Frenchie World team decided to create the best NFTs on the market that have been inspired by the love for these little gremlins.

bit frenchie

What are Bit Frenchie NFTs?

Since we are admirers of French bulldogs and their iconic features and beauty, we came to the idea to create over 10,000 Bit Frenchie NFTs with the help of top developers and influencers. The Frenchie World community was founded in 2010 and today counts over 2 million followers on Instagram and Facebook accounts worldwide.

Only a person who owned/owns a French bulldog can understand the obsession we feel for them! And our motto is to make every single Frenchie happy in this world! Since we care for French bulldogs in need, we’re pleased to announce that the Bit Frenchie Society has found a way to please both humans and four-legged alike. Thanks to our Bit Frenchie service, abandoned bulldogs all around the world will have the opportunity to find new homes. Every year, we will do our best to save thousands of Frenchies and other bulldog breeds from the streets. And, that’s not all! We will provide them with medical care and food while waiting for adoption to happen ( 51% of our proceeds goes towards Animal Rights!).

Bit Frenchies are hand-drawn pieces of art. Every Bit Frenchie NFT is unique which means that you’ll be the only person in the world who will own this digital collectible. By minting one of our Bit Frenchie NFTs, you’ll automatically become a member of our society. The membership on our DISCORD channel allows you to get cash benefits, giveaways, unique presents, exclusive service, and many more.

bit frenchie

Why mint the Bit Frenchie NFT?

Besides you’ll become the owner of a unique NFT, you will also take part in a humanitarian activity that helps abandoned and rescued French bulldogs. You can choose between MerchFrenchie, Mixed EthFrenchie, Mixed BtcFrenchie, and Unique Frenchie NFT. Each type brings you different presents, benefits, and many more. Do VIP tickets for NBA games sound great? Well, they’ll be only one of the gifts we’ve prepared for members of the Bit Frenchie Society. Other benefits and gifts include tickets for crypto events and business conferences all around the world and tickets for movies and concerts too!

By selling 100% of our Bit Frenchie NFT collection, we’ll donate 51% of our proceeds to the French Bulldog Rescue Network. Our goal is not only to make history but also to help those puppies in need. Did you know that French bulldogs are one of the most common breeds that end up being abandoned in the streets?

Unfortunately, irresponsible and untrusted breeders are one of the main culprits for such a horrible trend. Many people think that Frenchie puppies can be bought for small amounts of money, and later fall in despair when health problems begin to manifest. Since medical bills are enormously high, these little gremlins unfairly end up in the streets struggling for life. Hip dysplasia, severe allergies, breathing problems, and many other issues are the reason why their ‘owners’ decide to leave them. That’s why we think these four-leg boys and girls really need our help. NFTs are not only a fun way to become the owner of rare, quirky, and breathtaking hand-drawn illustrations, but they’re also the way to do something noble.

bit frenchie

What types of Bit Frenchie NFTs are available?

MerchFrenchie is the part of our BFS collection that features 500 erchFrenchie NFTs. By minting one of them, you’ll get a BFS classic tee.

Mixed-EthFrenchie is the BFS collection of 10 Mixed-EthFrenchies. The minting brings you 0.5 ETH.

Mixed BtcFrenchie is the third type of our NFTs which is actually half dog- half bitcoin. Minting of this Bit Frenchie brings you 0.5 Bitcoin.

UniqueFrenchie NFT brings a unique t-shirt for the buyer with the printed Bit Frenchie on the front. Unlike buyers of MerchFrenchie NFT, UniqueFrenchie makes you get the tee with your NFT. It means that you’ll be the only person in the world who’ll be able to wear such a t-shirt.

How to mint Bit Frenchie NFTs?

To mint a Bit Frenchie, it’s essential to sign up to our DISCORD channel to join our whitelist. All that’s needed is a digital wallet (e.g. Metamask) and a small purchase of ethereum. The Bit Frenchie Society will be released on December 15th, 2021. We will also have a presale two days before releasing date. The number of whitelist members is limited, so you’d better hurry up!


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