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“Your genetics load the gun. Your lifestyle pulls the trigger.”


This quote is the perfect depiction of biohacking your brain!

By now, you’ve known about hacking computers, hacking cell phones, and hacking email. You’ve even heard about hacking elections. But what about hacking your brain? Even if you haven’t heard the expression “biohacking” before, you’ve presumably experienced some version of it.

Let’s start with a typical day in your life. It’s 4pm. You’re drooped in your office seat, your eyelids are hanging, your head is sagging. You’re busy working, and any mental activity feels like you’re swimming through a marsh of molasses.

Have you ever stopped to ask why you’re so drained, or why a few days you just can’t get anything right? Don’t fret anymore! We are here to help you with solving all this and more with a simple strategy—Biohacking!!

Biohacking has undoubtedly become a marketing buzzword. Let’s dig deep into it.

What Is Biohacking?

Biohacking — otherwise called D.I.Y. biology — is an extensive term that can cover an enormous scope of activities. For some “biohackers,” this comprises making little, incremental diet or lifestyle changes to improve your wellbeing and prosperity.

Biohacking guarantees anything from fast weight reduction to upgraded brain function. Yet, the best biohacking results come from being educated and careful about what works for your brain.

Ways to Biohacking Your Brain and Improve Life Quality

Imagine if you could improve your brain capacity and memory by making simple adjustments with your way of life, utilising tools you can easily access! Read on to figure out how biohacking works and how to do it safely.


Probably everything you do to improve your memory and brain health is to give your brain the supplements it needs. Obviously, there are fundamentals like staying hydrated and eating a plant-based diet that satisfies the brain’s essential dietary necessities. Exercise helps, as well, by improving the blood flow of those supplements to the brain and, as indicated by research, acting as a natural antidepressant.

However, that is usually insufficient. Here we present you more advanced ways to biohacking your brain:

  • Bulletproof Coffee: Would you add butter to your brew?

There is a coffee with a biohacker twist, known as bulletproof coffee. A Bulletproof coffee has a unique recipe that needs you to buy three separate products. It is a black coffee into which you add butter and a purified form of coconut oil. The espresso contains compounds like medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil, known as an energy supporter and weight reduction tool. [1]

There’s controversy on the safety of bulletproof coffee. In case you’re keen on biohacking your coffee, you should first consult your doctor — to be on the safe side!

  • Nootropics. A.K.A. Smart Drugs 

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers like drugs, supplements, and various substances that may improve intellectual capacities like memory, imagination, and drive.

The word “nootropic” was invented in 1972 by a Romanian scientist. It refers to substances thought to expand cognitive function, like caffeine. But the term also incorporates things you probably haven’t heard of, like Piracetam, a substance invented in a lab, and Rhodiola rosea, an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine. [2]

A few of these smart drugs are harder to get than others, and some require doctor prescriptions and have side effects.


Music incredibly affects the brain. With more than 100 billion neurones that are continually utilising power to talk to one another, your brain is like Grand Central Station. If everybody is chatting loudly simultaneously, it tends to be challenging to focus on what you want to hear. That’s where music biohacking comes in.

Quite possibly, the best approach to change your brainwaves is through a consistent wavelength. Audio entrainment, a type of music biohacking, utilises binaural beats and tones to synchronise with your brain waves and instigate a meditative, relaxed state. According to a research, people devour only over 4 hours of audio programming per day. The overwhelming majority, 97%, of this audio programming is in the form of music. In case you’re not all set that far, you can change your mind-set and attitude by lining up your favourite playlist and listening while you work out, cook breakfast or drive to work.


Blue light from the sun can help you support your state of mind or boost your cognitive performance. [3] Get a couple of few extra hours of daylight every day, and check whether you notice any changes.

However, remember that daylight contains a similar blue light that is transmitted from cell phone and computer screens. This light can keep you awake by interrupting your circadian rhythm. [4]

Likewise, make sure to wear sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher when out in the sun. That can shield your skin from sun damage.

Are YOU ready to start biohacking?

The most reliable way to hack your brain is to make changes at its very core! Compose a personalised lifestyle program, one variable at a time, to induce your brain into its peak form.

Author: Stacia Kurianova, MBA| Advisor| Speaker|Auditor|Biohacker






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