Low Hanging Fruit: When Love Is Addicting and Skin-Deep but Problems Are Everywhere, You Need to Decide to Fight or Let It Go! Sizzling Romance Novel

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A Classic Story of Star-Crossed Lovers Finding True Love and Facing Unspeakable Tragedy
Everything seems to be going wrong for 24-year-old Trenton Moore. Everyone close to him is either leaving or dying, with both his grandmother and father having recently passed. Trenton’s life feels empty until, trying to fight his depression, he goes to a strip club in New Orleans and meets 19-year-old Jessica Mars a.k.a. Emerald”.
Can true love survive such an unlikely beginning? Trenton and Jessica soon find that they share a deep understanding of each other’s problems, including their own mental health challenges, and find solace in their relationship. Jessica is only stripping so she can pay her student fees at college. Unfortunately, misunderstanding soon sets in when Jessica asks Trenton to come meet her at work and he refuses. She thinks he only wants sex and has dumped her.
Both end up having many casual relationships with other people, but neither can stop thinking about each other. For each sexual encounter, they remember how much more intimate and passionate their brief relationship was,
Finally, Trenton musters up the courage to call up Jessica and they begin talking again and then sleeping together. Trenton gets a better job and believes everything is looking up, until he finds out that Jessica is still have sex with other men. This devastates him, but he once again leaves Jessica and tries to find true love with other women.
But Jessica is his fate and he is hers. Both find their way back to each other in a series of unexpected twists. Yet, even as they finally create the life together that they always wanted, tragedy awaits. Can these two lovers overcome this new twist that Fate has thrown them?
This romance is a two young people encountering myriad obstacles, always asking the question “Can true love conquer all?”

I want the title to say author Tyris McKnight releases romance novel “LOW HANGING FRUIT” on Amazon and Kindle with the description and the link to Amazon.

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