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Moritz Muessig, the newest rising star of the trading Industry

Last week I was honored to interview one of the most talented persons in the world: Moritz Muessig, the 18 years old talented and wonder teenager, is a successful trader and portfolio manager. He is currently managing an over 6


How To Surf The Critics by UK Music Producer And Author Dar.Ra

Every idea starts as a spark in someone’s mind, the energy release that a great idea will push into action creates a bio chain of events.

The excitement of thinking that this idea just might change everything around makes the blood pump through your body as the serotonin levels get cranked into overdrive. The overwhelming urge to share this idea with the world gets your body ready to spring like a jaguar through a jungle matrix, which you know as your natural hunting ground.

The first stop is telling someone close and that’s where the idea either has enough power to survive the reaction or go to the place where all ideas go to die, nowhere.

That feeling you just had where you could save the world has just met its first bit of human reaction. The words ‘Your dreaming again’ or ‘come on get real’ followed by someone else has done it already or maybe the ultimate dream killer ‘It will never work stick to the day job’

Your heart sinks, you retreat to a place where you can take stock, and once again the idea either sinks or swims.

If you’re used to the critic you will ride the first attack and push on to the place where it really matters the people who make decisions. Here’s the next graveyard to navigate through the make-or-break situation.

You’ve prepared your pitch and your ready to give it the dragon’s den elevator speech.

Throat’s dry but you deliver with the passion that matches the genius of your imagination, you wait and you wait and the reply comes “it’s not what we are looking for at the moment

Once again you realize that not everyone sees things the way you do, but if you believe in what you do and you won’t stop because someone close to you knocks you back or someone in a place of power doesn’t think they can make a buck, yen or pound out of you.

This is where your inner voice and intuition comes into play, Mavericks wear no medals and that’s because they do not have time to wait around for them to be handed out.

There is a driving force behind those great names in history; it’s the same voice that says ‘I know this is going to work’ That’s the line you have to cling onto when the whole world has closed its doors on you.

Maybe you will not see the idea reach its fruition, but surely it’s better to die on the track hitting that record-beating speed than to sit on the sidelines of life

saying; I could have done that.

That’s a hill worth fighting on and calls every dreamer who has ever gone against the grain. The fighter that won’t go down until they literally cannot get up is the real movers that make this crazy world go round.

So How Do We Deal With The Critics?

Listen firstly because it’s important you have an overview of what the pros and cons are, take the things on that have some merit and you can feel will add to what you do.

Make it better, be prepared to go back and start again if need be, to make the thing that you do unbeatable; forging the metal is the process.

Keep the idea alive by watering it every day and feeding it with the nutrition it needs to grow.

Every day look back and take some time to be good to yourself, if you have moved it forward if only a small step.

Portrait of UK Music Producer and Author DarRa – California Pretty Fashion Magazine

Celebrate The Wins and Learn From The Losses.

Above all protect yourself from the dream killers, as they will wear you down, usually because they do not want you to succeed, why? Because it will make them feel that bit smaller from you arising out of the comfort zone.

I was dropped from a major record company in my early 20s and I thought that was the end of my world and my Music adventure. I spent a while drinking, feeling depressed and anxious about what I would do next.

It dawned on me that this was one set of people in suits telling me that my ideas were not valid. Was I really going to allow someone who had never picked up a guitar or made a record to tell me it was over? The executive producer who stands at the back of the studio and picks up credit for saying that’s a wrap should never dictate what a creator creates.

I took my last bit of advance money and booked a studio in North London and made my next record which got picked up by another label and I was back in the game.

Since then I have had every knockback in the book, as one of my lyrics in a tracks ‘Sweet As’ says.

‘I’ve had my fair share of knockback. But I got up to fight another day.

Find your voice surround yourself with supportive people who believe in what you do and Thrive On.

Dar.Ra is a writer and author and MD of Kusha Deep Music

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